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The game is currently still in the development stages. The basic game will be open-ended with no end goal, but eventually will have scenarios / challenges. Every hour you will receive a tenant of a certain wealth status (randomly created names, age, happiness etc). You will have to fill your tower from top to bottom.

You'll also need to provide services for your tenants to keep them happy, and you'll need to citizens to work jobs in order to keep your tower running. Jobs will include certain roles, including Power, Entertainment & Security. The game will also include random events that will adjust the happiness and income of your tenants, including Theft and Lottery Wins.

An alpha demo will eventually be released once the main game functions and a considerable amount of unit blocks are added.

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Change to the GUI


Previously the game used a Tooltip system for Units, and a Circular Menu for Adding Tenants / Buying Units or performing other actions. This proved to be quite ugly and cumbersome.

To fix this, a new UI panel has been added to the bottom-right corner of the screen. This UI panel will be dynamic, and will display content-specific information depending on the type of unit that is selected.

There will also be a tab page that contains information regarding the related tower that the selected unit is a part of, and buttons for performing actions.

Below is an example of tenants being dynamically added and the UI reflecting this information.

What you can see here is tenants being added automatically to an Apartment unit block, displaying their randomised name, age & happiness. It will also automatically calculate the income that the apartment will collect in Rent every day, and the average happiness of the tenants in that apartment. More items will be added to the panel to provide more information to the panel regarding the selected unit.

Another update will be posted that will show how this panel will allow you to buy units, and to show what information that the Tower tab contains.

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