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TigerCake is going to be some form of abstract styled first person shooter. May include some humor, so things aren't too serious.

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Ready to run and jump around with some weapons and stuff.

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Things changed a bit. The earlier flying things may just become flying enemies. I grabbed some character model I had done 2 years ago, tweaked it a little and tried it with some levels/textures I had done 1 year ago. I'm calling the character: Dragonant, because it looks like a combination of a dragon and a flying ant. It's got body parts that can detach for a short distance, which makes animating it and other similar style characters pretty easy.

The character starts with Claws in the arms, and the claws can change into other weapons when player has found some. I haven't decided yet if only the right claw changes or if both can be changed. It's easier to just change one weapon.. but if players can change both, then they can decide their own weapon/attack combinations.

There's currently these 5 weapons:
Claws: Short range, medium damage, fast
Sword: Little bit more range and damage, less speed
Machine Gun: Long range, accurate, low damage, fast
Tri-Gun: Long range, some scattering, medium damage, medium speed
Rocket Launcher: Long range, accurate, high damage, medium/slow speed

Dragonant Surprise Attack! Dragonant Surprise Attack! Dragonant Surprise Attack!

Dragonant Surprise Attack! Dragonant Surprise Attack! Dragonant Surprise Attack!

Dragonant Surprise Attack! Dragonant Surprise Attack! Dragonant Surprise Attack!

The game is still going to be some abstract style. The 13 shade filter is still used, although with the higher res textures it's not so obvious. It would also fit into the style that there would be no blood and gore in the game. Earlier I had made a feature that made the ships show their damage status with some dark smoke and fire. This could still fit and make it unnecessary to draw some bloody damage textures on the characters. The characters also show some "colorpunch" when they take a hit, it makes them brighter for a moment.

Today I made some sound effects, so the next video should have sounds. 2 years ago I had also another character model in this style, and as I'm making good use of my old stuffs, I'll do some little tweaks on it like I did on the Dragonant, and then have it ingame trying to destroy the player together with some of the flying things.

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