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Three Random Archives is a game in which you play a collection of three short minigames all within the confinement of a singular game, each with their own unique gameplay and story approach.


Some people have better luck than others for Wilson, Yvonne, and Oscar this statement couldn't be more true.

Archive #1:

With nowhere to run or hide, Wilson must play a game of life or death against a monster that punishes past transgression.

Archive #2:

After leaving her troubles behind, a glimmer of luck begins shining down on Yvonne, giving her a brand new start at life again.

Archive #3:

After years of working at a dead-end job, Oscar turns to the life of a thief and a friend to get his life back on track...


A Game created by Xion Brown

Artwork: Mad Cat Production (Artstation.com)

Music: Leon Riskin (Gamemusicandsoundeffects.com)

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Version v0.2.1 Changelog!


Version 0.2.1 is finally out here's the full changelog:

3ra title

Adjustments and Additions, and Changes:

  • Menu

    • Changes made to the animations to be lot smoother.

    • Added "placeholder" name to Archive #3

      14 14 PlaceholderName

  • Archive #1

    • Court Jester Dance difficulty has been adjusted to be easier.

    • Changed the color the key so its a lot more visible.

    • New ambient track added

  • Archive #2

    • The story of the game can now be viewed on both Classic and HD Modes

  • The game graphical shaders has been improve (This makes the game & taking screenshots of game look less grainy.)


  • Added new dialogue sound effect.

  • Added new sound effects.

  • Object collision has been improved (making interacting with the environment feel a lot more realistic)

  • Updated to the latest version of Unity 2021 (2021.3.14f1 LTS).

Bug Fixes:

Fixed shader bug where shooting and the flaming lasers would be textured differently.

Apologizes for the lack of updates, but if you want to keep up to date on all things Three Random Archives, head on over to my GameJolt page where I give monthly updates. As currently that's where the majority of you guys are coming from.


Version v0.2.0 Changelog + Devlog!

Version v0.2.0 Changelog + Devlog!


Update v0.2.0 comes with lots of improvements made to the game overall experience.

Version v0.1.6 Changelog

Version v0.1.6 Changelog


Update v0.1.6 comes with improvements made to the game overall experience and subtle changes.

Version v0.1.4 Changelog

Version v0.1.4 Changelog


Update v0.1.4 comes with tons of new replayability along with secrets and easter eggs.

Three Random Archives - Demo Out Now!!!

Three Random Archives - Demo Out Now!!!


The demo for Three Random Archives is out now on Itch.io and GameJolt!

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Three Random Archives - Demo

Three Random Archives - Demo


In this game, you play a collection of three short stories all within the confinement of a singular game.

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