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Experiencing Life - Story Mode

The player has no direct control over his life choices, but he/she can communicate with and influence the “inner dialogue” that makes up their character's emerging personality, represented as different, autonomous cursors.

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The goal is to gradually raise the level of Consciousness points by developing a good relationship with your fractured sub-personalities, unlocking additional choices as well as Destiny points.

At the beginning of story mode you only have a very limited number of Destiny points, and you can spend them whenever you want to “force” your character's life into a direction YOU want, even if the character's caregivers or inner voices prefer something else.

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At the end of your life you will lose all your Consciousness points, but you will keep the Destiny points, starting again as a baby. In this way you can lift up the quality of life for every person you play, but you can also see the dark side of life, witnessing tragic choices and suffering resulting from a lack of consciousness.

Exploring Consciousness - Free Will Mode

In this mode you have total control and consciousness over your all your life decisions independent from Destiny points, even as a small child. You can experiment with the freedom to see where life can go if it is all up to you for a change.

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Writing your Story - Self-Authoring Mode

This feature is a “level editor”, allowing players to create their own story or expand the existing one with unique choices and inner dialogue that reflects their own personality. You can choose backgrounds and music that matches the mood of every new stage of life.


You can create “mouse cursors” from 8 different archetypes that represent different aspects of your character's personality, what they choose, what they would think and how they would respond in all the different moments of life that require a meaningful decision.


When you discover the right approach in interacting with them, you can ask them to “step aside” and let YOU make the choice – exercising free will. If they don't trust you, they might choose something you think is not a good idea, resulting in tragic consequences.


More information: www.selfauthoring.games

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Kickstarter Launch!


After a lot of preparation I was finally able to click on "Launch" today. Parts of me feel super excited, while others feel a bit scared.

Hope to see you there:

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This is your life - Prototype Version 0.0.9

This is your life - Prototype Version 0.0.9


This is your Life is a text-based life simulation game and a self-authoring interactive novel. Players follow the life of a human being from birth to...

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