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There Was A Dream is a single-player adventure game for PC. Take part in the epic clash between dream and nightmare in a world molded by your decisions. The story follows a character given the power to manipulate dreams by the Entity, a dark force that travels in the dimension of dreams. The Entity seeks to increase its army of nightmares, and the great power it has given you can take you on its dark mission. Now, you get to choose which side you are in. What will it be? Balance or chaos?

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Shini13 says

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very nice


Mirko__91 says

Early access review - 1 agree

After playing about 4 hours i can say that this game is really addicting. The in-game daytime is colorful and rich of life and activities to do, during the night all turns into a kind of nightmare where you must survive until morning killing monsters and saving people from them. The overall style/graphic returns a world very beautiful to explore.

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