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The Website is a Deep Web inspired game, and along inspired by the developer Adam (Reflect Studio's) has inspired me to develop any type of game. The Deep Web is said to be the most lost, and complicated type of browsing heard, but it also has a hidden message behind it all. You have a job to search inside of a website named "C U." The name has a hidden meaning, but has a cunning ending. Developed by: ImFredders Voice Actor: ImFredders The site your in gets deeper and deeper the farther you access into it. Things are hidden, jolt down everything in your head. GAME PROGRESS Map: 100% Website (DEEPER) : 2% Lights and AI: 62% I'm looking for voice actors, more for satanic things, and tapes that can be listened to. So! If you manage to have so, please give me a Skype message, my Skype is FiveNights_Fred. Updates soon! The official's game release is $1.00! For believing this is my first game, and I believe that the game has been worked on so hard to point on lacks of sleep.

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private void start()

The Content for the game is pretty much about to be released, as all the game's official launched is what I'm hoping for~! Here's the release date.

JULY 2, 2016

Thank you Adam, for inspiring me to make this game!

(Reflect Studio's~)

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