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In a distant kingdom long ago laid a secluded, peaceful mountain village, untouched by the ever changing world around it. The villagers, however, know only one thing: Leaving is not an option; for any who do, will find themselves in the grasp of a mysterious dark curse.

That is until the village’s only child, a young boy, begins to uncover strange messages from an unknown source. These messages are seemingly warning him of a darkness, guiding him towards something, something mysterious, something that will forever alter his legacy and those around him. Will he take up the blade and embark on a treacherous adventure to become the hero this forsaken kingdom needs? Or stand back as he watches the mistakes of the past be repeated once more?


The Untold Legacy is an engaging, atmosphere drenched action-adventure RPG, with a bright and colorful art style set in a surreal and often creepy setting. You will be brought to tears as you uncover the twists and turns in this emotionally story-driven experience that will leave you shocked and surprised as you discover the secrets the world of Touchstone has to offer.

Explore this breathing and vibrant open world, as you tackle dungeons and overcome obstacles in any order you deem necessary, in this non-linear adventure. Become immersed as you encounter the kingdom inhabitants and help them in meaningful and rewarding ways that promise only to enrich the game experience. Face off against a plethora of unique monsters and bosses, as you combine strategy and skill with real time fast paced combat, that will reward you with every landed blow.



  • Emotion Driven Story
    Drawing from the experiences in our everyday lives, The Untold Legacy sets out to recreate some of the most heartfelt and gut wrenching moments imaginable.

  • Atmosphere Drenched
    Using the latest in advanced lighting, animation, and particle effects, The Untold Legacy is set to truly bring a living breathing world to life for your enjoyment.

  • Dynamic Movement
    Due to the technologies being used, we are able to seamlessly blend or combine animations in ways that will make the world feel more natural and alive.

  • Hand Crafted Open World
    Everything is 100% handcrafted and designed with the utmost care, from the art, puzzles, enemies and secrets. It’s all been strategically placed for the greatest experience possible.

  • Non-Linear Progression
    Tackle any obstacle in any order you wish. We won’t hold your hand, nor would we want to. Whether it is the game's main story, or a side stories, it’s completely up to you to decide what to do, and when to do it.

  • Exploration
    A vast open world to explore from creepy forests, caves, swamps, mountain tops, snow covered wastelands, deserts, temples, hidden shrines, haunted houses, castles to the various dungeons that fill the world - all of which is at your disposal from the very beginning.

  • Natural Growth
    Just like in the real world, nobody starts off as an unstoppable warrior. Begin the adventure and watch as our young protagonist transforms himself from a feeble boy, to an epic hero.

  • Fast Paced / Intuitive Combat
    Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better we made the combat faster and more intuitive, making it possible for you to feel like more of a hero than ever before.

  • Beautiful Custom Music and Sounds
    Music and sounds beautifully orchestrated from scratch for each and every occasion. Whether it is a meaningful heartfelt moment, or an all-out battle to the death, we will leave your ears satisfied.

  • Items
    A completely unique and fresh set of items designed specifically for this adventure. Whether it is a puzzles, or combat, you’re sure to be pleasantly surprised to see what's uncovered.

  • Puzzles
    Puzzles are built into the very core of the game. They are tailored it to fit perfectly with every skill, item, enemy and weapon at the player’s disposal, resulting in the most engaging and intuitive puzzles possible.

  • Dungeons
    9 uniquely designed dungeons each with their own set of enemies, puzzles and bosses.

  • Enemies & Bosses
    A plethora of enemies, all with varying degrees of attributes, behaviors, difficulty and skill. Research and study them well if you have any hopes of overcoming them all.



The game draws inspiration from many popular titles, ranging back to the classics of the 80’s, up until the console behemoths and indie titles of the present. One of which will draw the most obvious of comparisons is the action-adventure defining series, The Legend of Zelda. As massive Zelda enthusiasts ourselves, it has been a major influence for this game and will no doubt be a treat for long time fans of the series and newcomers alike.

Although this game has some obvious influences, it is not a clone or cookie cutter project - at every turn we are injecting our own flavor and unique ideas. From the story, combat, items and puzzles we are finding ways to expand and enhance old ideas, as well as insert completely new concepts to create a unique experience for today’s players.


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The Untold Legacy: Awakening Ver 0.1 Pre-Alpha Release

Hello Everyone!
Its been quite awhile since Ive posted! I really wanted to have something substantial to show before getting to a point where I would begin to share regular updates and FINALLY the time has come. We are incredibly proud to FINALLY present our followers & supporters with the very first demo of The Untold Legacy!


Its been a long and often a hard road, riddled with hiccups and bumps along the way. Iconic Games would like to thank you for your continued support and patience. I plan to really get into whats been going on behind the scenes and why the lack of updates in a future post. With that said we spent a lot of time getting the core engine working as expected and polishing the game play currently present. Its still very early but we are beyond proud of what we have done and hope everyone who gets the opportunity to play the game will recognize the potential of what we are doing, especially considering all the awesome content and features in future patches/builds.

We are on track and will be releasing our next patch mid June. It will include new content, improved game play and mechanics so stay updated!

If you haven't done so please consider joining us in the links below! We would love to have you come aboard and follow the games development!

Want access to the demo? Check out our pre-order page and get access to the build!

Get Access Now!

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Devlog #11 A Post About The Lost & Forgotten

Devlog #11 A Post About The Lost & Forgotten


Here is a look back at the evolution of The Untold Legacy as we look back and talk about all the lost & forgotten elements that didnt manage to make it...

Devlog #10 Further Progress, Polish and an Announcement!

Devlog #10 Further Progress, Polish and an Announcement!


In this update I bring you guys up to date with our progress since our last devlog and make an announcement that is sure to please those of you who are...

Dev Log #09 Demo Coming Soon & Where have we been?

Dev Log #09 Demo Coming Soon & Where have we been?


Since our Kickstarter we have kept our heads down and been hard at work with TUL. In this update I discuss where we have been, what we are planning and...

Dev Log #08 Being A Hero Doesn't Come Easy

Dev Log #08 Being A Hero Doesn't Come Easy

News 4 comments

In this update I discuss our inspirations when developing The Untold Legacy, an expressive & evolving hero, player progression and other features in the...


This looks great! Following!

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Awesome Blacksmith house!! :) Amazing artwork. Well done.

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Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
IconicGames Creator

Thank you. We appreciate it!

Reply Good karma+2 votes

This looks seriously epic! I can't wait to here more.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
IconicGames Creator

Thanks for the comment! Super motivating to have your support!

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Looks very promising, loved the Zelda series, can't wait to see what this offers :)!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
IconicGames Creator

Thank you for the comment!

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