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Game was prototyping as tabletop version, now game is moved to computer version.

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How it started?

Everything started at 2nd April when I've started prototyping a game. The plan is very simple, first i created a tabletop version, and i was testing algorithms.
So I used scissors and qsome paper, effect?

TheUnknownBox tabletop.stats viewTabletop first version

Concept of game, randomized map of 12 fields.

Each game have randomized map. Map has 12 fields, so we have 11! =39916800 possibles.
There is my sketch of 6 fields:

Field conceptfield conceptfield conceptField conceptField conceptfield concept

So, let's start developing!

At 17th October i've start developing game in GameMaker. Each day i will do a little bit of work.
So I publish "#DevLog" when any task was completed

You can follow me at Twitter @PawSiem

There are my #DevLog-s tweets:

015 tokens on stepline013 executor006 devlog gif2015 tokens on stepline 1018 devlog017 devlog25102015018 devlog 1019 devlog logs

I hope, that You enjoy my game.

Best Regards

See You on twitter @PawSiem :D

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