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Ruled by the Devotion Monarchy, the land of Unden is under attack by rebel forces known as the Revolution. These rebels have unleashed undead into Unden Valley through the great city of Ryhart at one end of the valley. The land is in peril and the strength of the Revolt threatens the integrity of all of Unden. One hero is chosen by favor of a cherished deity of the Devotion. The deity, Agape, reveals to our hero his destiny and responsibility to the kingdom of Unden. In order to earn that right, Agape explains Asher (our hero) that he must save the people from the pestilence at hand. She does not explain what that pestilence is. Asher must uncover secrets throughout Unden Valley to discover the source of decay in Unden. He may have to choose to destroy all that he once stood for and side with the Revolution. Or he may have to destroy the Revolution. Either way, he must save the land of Unden. Yet, his biggest threat is the evil deity, Marz...

Animator / 3D Artist / Texturer

Anywhere [EXPIRED] Broken Limits Media LLC

Artist - Concept and 3D Artists

Anywhere [EXPIRED] Broken Limits Media LLC

Concept Artists

Anywhere - United States East Coast Preferred [EXPIRED] Broken Limits Media LLC

C# Programmer - Unity 3D

Anywhere [EXPIRED] Broken Limits Media LLC

Undead Castle- Seeking 3D Artists

Anywhere [EXPIRED] Broken Limits Media LLC
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The Undead Castle
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Broken Limits Media LLC
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