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The Surfer® is a fun arcade styled surfing game for the PC. Experience the emotion and adrenaline of trying to qualify for the pro tour. The Surfer® challenges gamers to drop in and conquer living, heaving waves.

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Extreme sports games are really hard to find nowadays, and must of them aren't worth the price. However, this one is, it's a nice throwback to games we haven't seen much of in the past few years.

It's a brilliant time, and anyone who's into the extreme sport genre should dig this game.


I surf and collect surfing games. Got em' all. This one has the potential to be the best one ever if they finish it. Physics are superb, feels more like surfing than any other but it's not too sim like, which is cool. Should be on console.


Awesome game. Had a bit of trouble getting used to it at first and a bit rough round the edges, but good gameplay for a surfing game which I just wasn't expecting. Can see this on consoles. They should support Intel cards though, couldn't play it on my laptop but worked fine on pc with my card. Aside from that, really impressive.

Was told about this, came here for it and had serious doubts. But it’s a solid rockin surf game.


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