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The Storm Guard is a turn-based tactical game. Wildings, undead and even greater horrors from the north have crossed the borders and are now invading the realm of men causing death and destruction. You assume the role of the Lord Commander and have to manage this conflict. On the strategy layer, you must try to maintain a steady economy, keep panic in your lands low and manage the Order’s roster of heroes and soldiers, recruit additional members, learn new skills and get better equipment. In turn-based combat, you will direct a squad of 3–5 heroes on the tactical combat field. Use good positioning and cleverly combine their abilities to prevail. All heroes have a dozen skills to specialize in and different hero combinations allow different playstyles which provides a wide range of options to explore. Dying is easy, and death is permanent. You must learn to deal with losses and try to mitigate the risk. The Storm Guard is deliberately designed to be a difficult but fair game.

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Tactical Combat
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On the battle field, your heroes will have to put their abilities to the test. You will encounter many different creatures each with their own strengths. The tactical layer comes with a lot of interesting game mechanics: you can tie up characters in melee to protect softer team members. Conditions like bleeding, poison, burning, crippled, weakened or blind give you further options during combat.

Combat skills allow unleashing powerful strikes and of course, magic plays an important role. Spells can turn the tide of a battle, but enchantments on your allies as well as hexes on your foes can be life savers in dire situations. Warriors can buff the party with battle shouts and potions can provide temporary buffs that can mean the difference between living or dying.

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