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You are a paranormal investigator who gets possessed by the demons you swore to protect people from. Now you have to survive for 7 nights and get through a series of rooms that will take you to a journey in your own mind and memories. You'll have to stop demons from getting close to you and solve every puzzle in your way in order to stay sane. All this leads to your primary goal: you are called to open The Secret Door. It's the only way to get out of this. Good luck.


Psychological Horror: Delve into the depths of your own mind, confronting your deepest fears and confronting the demons that reside within.

Tense Survival Gameplay: Survive through a series of haunting rooms while evading the relentless pursuit of demonic entities.

Mind-Bending Puzzles: Test your wits and problem-solving skills as you unravel intricate puzzles that guard the path to your freedom.

Immersive Atmosphere: Immerse yourself in a spine-chilling atmosphere, meticulously crafted to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Uncover Dark Secrets: Piece together fragments of your past and discover the horrifying truth that binds you to this otherworldly realm.

"The Secret Door" offers a unique and terrifying journey into the depths of the human psyche. Can you withstand the horrors that lie within and emerge unscathed? Prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience that will test your courage, wit, and resolve. See you behind The Secret Door.

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The Secret Door started with a very basic idea: taking place in confined spaces. I wanted to create a game that you go through very small levels. Sounds limiting? I agree.

The Secret Door Text Logo

That's when I came up with the "close your eyes" mechanic. As you run up and down in this small level (an apartment, an asylum ward, an apartment from 1995) and try to solve puzzles, you suddenly see an illusion... There is a child standing in my hallway...


If you were any other person, you would instantly lose your mind, but you have some experience in paranormal phenomena. You are a paranormal investigator and you know that these things are there to make you lose it. You remember the techniques you learned:

  1. Get close to the illusion
  2. Close your eyes... It's not there... say it again.
  3. Open your eyes...


Suddenly you are in a dark hallway. Next you are in a child's bedroom. Then... nothing... Giant watches and pianos are floating in the darkness of void. Nothing makes sense anymore. The floor collapses and you are back in your apartment... The time is up... Are you ready to open the door?


The demo is just the first level. It's also the mildest. This is my invitation to enter this world. WARNING: You might not get out. It's in your own brain after all. Where you ever really out?

Thank you.


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