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The year is 2512. The "Second Sun" our first manned space station has left the solar system! We finally thought that we would be able to find answers to the mysteries of the universe. We were wrong... We have lost contact with the space station. You are in charge of XM-4326, an exploration droid with only one goal: Figure out what happened to the crew of the "Second Sun". Will your partially broken anti-grav module be enough to help you reach your goal? The Newton Paradox was developed in 50 hours during the 4th Hellenic Game Jam where it got 5th place. We are not currently developing the game actively but we may do so in the future!

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Jammin' against Newton!


Here we are again! It's been a week since the end of the 4th Hellenic Game Jam and we are pretty much just waking up!

We've packed our desktops and bags got in a bus and travelled to Athens!

This is from last year. This time we had an additional suitcase and one bunny!

We arrived in the venue sometime around 10 on Friday morning! We made our way to the 5th floor were we encountered so many familiar faces! It was really nice seeing everyone returning for the event. There was a lot of new faces as well setting their systems up or just strolling around the room waiting for the topic to be announced. We found our appointed workspace and quickly set up shop!

Look we even brought our tiny eNVy t-shirt!

The whole place was full of energy, everyone was ready to face the challenge before them and to have as much fun as possible! All the participants were really friendly and eager to talk and share their experience and knowledge!

So after a quick opening ceremony this year's topic was announced: ENIGMA!

It caught almost everyone off-guard, it was too generic but damn if it wasn't cool!

So we started brainstorming ideas. Our first idea was of some kind of exploration/platforming/puzzle game set inside a manor. We worked on that a little but could not find a compelling enough mechanic to work with. Then inspiration struck! What is the most enigmatic place in the universe? Well the universe itself! Space to be more precise! It was decided! We would make a sci-fi puzzle platformer!

50 hours later, after rigorous coding, designing and painting we got this!

The Newton Paradox was born! The gameplay revolves around manipulating the gravity of your character as well as the gravity of objects around you in order to solve a series of puzzles!

If you want to try the demo it is available on our favourite websites as always!

There is a x86 and x64 version to download on IndieDB!
You can play it on-line on all browsers but chrome on PlayPlayFun!
And you can do both of those on GameJolt!

So after a small break and a somewhat eventful presentation (our part start in 1:58:30 and it's in Greek) the results were out!

We did not make it into the top 3! All participants had very strong games and the competition was in a whole other level compared to last year. We really enjoyed watching so many good games being made in so little time!

After the end of the awards ceremony we asked the organizers to inform us of our placing. We placed 6th out of about 29 entries. Technically we placed 5th since the guys that won first place didn't actually compete, they were just there to have fun!

We are really happy with our placing. It's a great improvement since last year (15th out of 21) and we are able to see it clearly.

Before wrapping this up I want to congratulate all the participants for being able to make it through the competition. Working 50 hours straight is nerve-wrecking and being able to produce something worthwhile during that time is a real feat of persistence and solid development skills! I would also like to thank all volunteers and organizers for their support, presence and overall awesomeness. The jam could not happen without them and we are really grateful that they exist!

At the moment we are still working full time on Death and Beyond and we will not be stopping until it is ready but maybe after that we could pick up where we left off with The Newton Paradox? What do you guys think? As much as we enjoy making games you will be the ones who will be playing them so it is important for us to get your feedback once in a while. That time is now! If you want us to finish the game just say so! There is about a gazillion ways to contact us right now! A comment under this post will work as well!

And don't forget our social media:


If you want to support us further make a small donation on our Patreon page!

Thanks for reading everyone! We hope you enjoy "The Newton Paradox" and until next time stay focused!

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The year is 2512. The "Second Sun" our first manned space station has left the solar system! We finally thought that we would be able to find answers...

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