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Inspired by the classic MS-DOS game “The Beast”, we have created a game with new graphics and game modes. Playing The Minotaur you will feel the nostalgia for those old school games where your only goal was to get as far as possible or the highest score. The game also has full gamepad compatibility, so do not worry if you don’t like playing on keyboard ;)

The Minotaur also includes several game modes:

It’s the classic mode, where the player has to fight his way through 30 levels with increasing difficulty, including different minotaurs, minotaur eggs, etc.

Similar to Arcade, the player needs to finish the level all 30 levels in a certain amount of time. Killing the minotaurs or their eggs will grant extra time.

Local Co-op:
If you have trouble defeating the beasts, ask a friend for help! Or a family member, or maybe even your dog can gelp you. Up to four players, so the more the merrier.

Local VS
This game mode allows the players to fight against themselves. Great for challenging your friends and competing to be the very best, or simply relax by killing your acquaintances.

Players will need to find their ways through a series of hand-made levels. Some of them might even have only four blocks to kill the minotaurs (ง︡'-'︠)ง.

Level Editor:
Tired of playing the classic levels? Bored by the challenges? No problem, you will be able to create your own level maps. Even some that are impossible to solve, you little devil!

You can follow us on our social media sites also don’t forget to check our website!


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The Minotaur - Ratalaika Games

capsule lg

During this week we have received very pleasant news. The Minotaur has finally been approved on Steam Greenlight and we now have thegreen lightfor publishing.

We are working hard this week to finish the final version of the game, get it working on the newest version of the engine and complete integration with the Steam APIs. Also, we want to bring new graphics, beside the blocks you have already seen, and some new extra game mode. The game will also ship in the Nintendo Wii U a bit latter.


This is one of the sketches for the new set of graphics we are shipping into the game, the forest. We have though also including a cube-style set of tiles but with various shapes and colors. We will consider also the community feedback regarding new sets of tiles.

Also the view of the game in the Steam Store will be available along this weeks, but not only this, we will also launch the official soundtrack together with the game, for the music lovers. Here is attached a video (At the bottom) with a brief summary of the game’s BSO, although the final version will have extra bonus tracks.

If you are press/youtube/streamer you can contact us at this mail pr@ratalaikagames.com . Also, you can follow us on Twitter or Facebook for checking the lastest news about us, but that's not all, we've a newsletter now where you can suscribe in order to receive information every week about our work and progress.

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The Minotaur Demo

The Minotaur Demo


Little demo with 4 levels of Arcade mode which allow to the player know how to play the game.

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