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The Lone Detective is browser-based free online detective game addressed to fans of classic crime and mystery stories, but also to those who are more interested in CSI-style shows or just enjoy unsolved mysteries. This is a stand-alone game, which means that you can play it in your own time and your own pace - each player has his own account and although all of the users have the same set of cases available there is no direct competition between them, so there is no time pressure.

It is a fully browser-based puzzle game, which means that you can access it using any device with webbrowser and Internet access and you don't have to install any kind of software on your computer to play it. All the materials available in the cases are accessible via browser, so all you need to do is to solve the mystery.

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The Lone Detective in an online game, in which you are put in charge of solving cold cases, murder investigations or missing person cases. All you need is a device with web browser and... a working brain :) Yes, it takes some creative thinking to find the missing piece of the puzzle, find the evidence that will point at culprit or just to discover what was the motive behind the crime.

The game basics

The Lone Detective provides you with a premise, police reports, evidence, transcripts from interrogations, the evidence gathered through the primary investigation and, of course, people involved. All you have to do is figure out what the original detective have missed, who is the suspect, who is the witness and what exactly happened.

free online detective game

You can reach the conclusion in two ways: browse through every single shred of evidence and meticulously put together a story or start with a theory and just look for evidence to support that theory. Which method is the better? The one that suits you best :)

New cases

The game gained two new cases: A very cold case and String attached. One will take you to an unforgiving and secluded island of Jan Mayen in the middle of Atlantic, the second one will take you to 1960s, when things were really different.

online detective game - case 8

In 1975 the peaceful and inhabited Jan Mayen island was a background for murder case when one of the scientists taking part in international expedition was found dead. With only eight suspects it seemed like a simple case, but soon it went cold. Very cold. At least until 2018...

online detective game - case 9

In 1968, guitar player of The Firecrackers rock band was found dead inside his Rolls-Royce, which was found in the pool of his cottage in Gloucestershire. The drowning was the obvious cause of death, but not everything in this case was obvious.

New mechanics

The game upgrade also included two important new game mechanics. First one is called archives gives players chance to discover new evidence in the past of the people involved. How does it work? You choose an archive (f.e. New York Police Department Archive) and you choose a person, in return you will receive information if that particular person was in past involved with NYPD in one way or the other (as an officer or as suspect).

The second new game mechanics works in similar way, it is called lab, which is pretty much self-explanatory - choose an evidence, pick what kind of test you wanna run on that evidence and you will get response from the lab (if they can come up with new information).

free online detective game - cold case files

The Game Master

That point is different than in the other games - you not only have to find the culprit and evidence, but your solution to the case will be reviewed by the Game Master. This is something that was born in the early versions of the game, when it was played via e-mail (PBEM - Play-By-E-Mail game). Now it is fully browser-based game, but it is nice to know that actual person reads the results of your investigation and can guide you towards the solution.

The Lone Detective upgrade

The Lone Detective upgrade


After several reworks the final form of the game has crystalized and with additional data we can now add new cases to the game content.

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