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Follow Sonya’s Story as she uncover the hidden mystery of a new world.


  • Classic Real-time Action RPG System
  • Story driven Chapter Base Updates*
  • More cool features to be announce =P

*By Chapter Based Updates, I mean this game will be release by chapters like in light novels or manga.
Where once I finish one Chapter I will release it as an update.
So this game will constantly expand with new story arc and new features.

This is my Second Indie Video Game Development Project.
Visit Projectni.zerokiri.com for more info and updates of my current development. =D

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Beta Version Released!!!


Finally!! Beta Version is now up and running!!
You can download the game at Indiedb.com.
Installation instruction is available at Projectni.zerokiri.com

I just wanna say... so bad.. so bad.. I knew I shouldn't announce a release date! It never work out.. I am not gonna ever announce release date anymore. Only est, and will just release and push updates once it's ready.

I been busy with work and everytime I try to push the release something is broken that needs fix. From small stuff such as no exit button to login system problem.

I end up having to change to a new login system too. The Main Menu background music isn't quite right I think. Gonna change it later, and still have to animated the windmill. But, I don't care anymore, gonna just push the release button!!! I suspect there will be crap loads of problems. But hey, there's always a start. Now that this is up and running, I can start adding patches and improvement to the game.

If you have any problems let me know in the indieDB forum that I had setup.

I also reduced the price for the limited Full Arc life time offer to $5 since I think $10 is a bit too much especially now that I probably won't be able to update too frequent. It won't stay as $5 thought, I will raise the price once more contents are added. This is only for those who want to support my work. For others, the beta (demo) version is Free.

I will upload the release version later after this beta version stabilized, since I suspect there will be problems I need to fix first.

Gonna go sleep, another early working day tmr. >_<

P.S. The confirmation email are sent from noreply@projectni.zerokiri.com however, it might contain via just58.justhost.com. That is safe, I just haven't figure out how to set the SPF Records so that google will recognize the email.

Launcher + User Management System

Launcher + User Management System


Okay, Gonna do another Tech updates. The launcher actually took me longer than expected. But its all working now as you can see in the screenshot. With...

[+Video] Phase 4 - Meteor Storm!!

[+Video] Phase 4 - Meteor Storm!!


Another update post =D But before that, I want to mention that the last post already covered phase 3 and phase 3 will only have 1 extra feature, that...

[+Video] Boss Phase 3 Field Effect – Fire! Burn! Burn!

[+Video] Boss Phase 3 Field Effect – Fire! Burn! Burn!


Didn't update for a few days and my indieDB rank drop like hell! Guess should do more updates? =D...

[+Video] Boss Phase 2 – Completed!

[+Video] Boss Phase 2 – Completed!


I actually finished this two days ago. But youtube took 1000+minutes to upload the video! Well, its almost 10gb of video for just 10 minutes. So much...

zerokiri Creator

Sorry for been inactive for a while.

During the holiday period, I ran across a hosting problem and are now under the process of migrating all my hosting service and server.

I am now in the process in bringing all my website and service up and will soon be able to start development on this game again =D

I will post more info once my migration is complete. Keep a look out at my blog for new and more info.

Thanks for the support everyone ^_^

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opps. ignore last tweet, accidentally sent that. But i am getting ready to release the demo version. Look forward to it =D

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