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The new virus first appeared eight months ago. The US government had assured us that the outbreak was under control and isolated. They managed to contain the virus and moved samples to three different research laboratories in order to further study this deadly new strain. Now eight months later, the research lab in Washington has stopped responding to radio and satellite calls. My special forces squad was sent there to investigate and re-establish communications. We were hoping that it was just a radio problem ... We were completely wrong! Unfortunately this mission would surpass my worst nightmares.

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Today in Dev Blog 05: - What we added - That corrected us - Alpha

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Hello everybody!

First of all, excuse we for not having given many signs of life it is last time, we have a lot to work on the resolution of numerous bug, especially the bug RAM who prevented us from working on the level 01.

Today in Dev Blog 05:

- What we added

- That corrected us

- Alpha


- Addition of a model of legs as well as the animations

What mean that when players look at the ground he will see the legs of a person and will can see the animations during the movements

- Level “Tutoriel“

Here, you can see all models of “enemies“ & “ friends”, test weapons, shoot zombies etc …

- A new texture for sleeves (arms player)

- HUD for Health & Ammo

- Splash & Loading levels

- M1911 Silencer (Weapon & Prefab (Pickup & Ammo))

- More ammo & health (Level 01)

- Animation for Rangers model

- Animation for Zombie Female


- Ram bug (in the editor)

- Screen resolution (Menu & Splash Screen)

- Sound are change for SCAR-H

- Graphic optimization (Level 01)

- Collider is change for some models (crates, box, doors, wall, etc …)

- Light bug (Shadow works for all light)

- Translation of texts (Objectives, texts)

- Change texture of the ground (Level 01)

- Some bugs with zombies (Level 01)

- Change resolution texture (Menu)

- Some bugs with gameplay & player

- All sound of “impact” (Level 01)

About Alpha:

We have to work hard to fix the bug RAM it is last weeks, we added and corrected of numerous things.
We enter this week phase of Pre-alpha, that is some nobody will have access has the apha for a few days, then we shall correct the bugs which(who) will have reached us and after that we shall take(bring) out the apha in public.

The apha should thus arrive before a good week!

We are some screen of the legs and HUD in game :

Thank's guy's !

Follow us on twitter HERE !

Defcon, Game Designer.

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