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The Inner Sea is an open world game with RPG elements, set in the XVII century in a mysterious archipelago. You'll build up your fleet from a single damaged ship, hire crew, engage in naval battles with both the islanders & the creatures from the deep, perform missions & much more!


After being sent on a mission your ship was suddenly caught in a storm unlike any other your crew had seen before. After days of facing violent winds, incessant rains and monstrous waves, with your ship heavily damaged, your crew wounded and demoralized, when all hope seemed lost, you make it to the eye of the storm, where you make the startling discovery that the storm surrounds a calm and navigable body of water.

Sail the Inner Sea, alliance yourself with it’s castaway and island born inhabitants or pillage and raid throughout the archipelago, the choice is yours!

Key features

  • Explore a randomly generated archipelago, in each play-through a new archipelago to explore, filled with countless islands populated by centuries worth of castaways from numerous cultures.
  • Engage in tactical combat, set your ship’s route and pause the action whenever required.
  • Customize your fleet, capture ships from different cultures and add them to your fleet, upgrade your older ones, make them stronger and more fearsome in order to face the dangers of the Inner Sea.
  • Recruit & develop your crew, your crew gains experience with every battle fought and every mission accomplished, develop them into the most fearsome crew that has ever braved the Inner Sea.
  • Battle the denizens of the deep, beneath the waves of the Inner Sea lurk monstrous creatures eager to hunt you down and make of your crew their next meal.

About the Developers

We're basically two guys working on this project, Ivo & Antoine, with sporadic work coming from freelancers which complement our skills. We'd love to hear from you, be it feedback or thoughts and questions you might have! So go ahead and leave a comment, we'll be reading them all, and more importantly you'll be helping us shape The Inner Sea.

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Characters of The Inner Sea


Caliphate Male Character

The Inner Sea Caliphate presentation

At the moment, we have three civilizations in The Inner Sea, some more of them will come later, actually the fourth civilization is currently being done. This character and all his accessories were the first set I made for the game. We wanted to have randomly generated characters, which meant a lot of accessories to be done. My approach was to imagine a single character through different paths of life, a version of him became a pirate, another a innkeeper and another an island governor, etc... Of course some more characters will be done for each civilization. This set took me around three weeks to complete.

Caliphate Female Character

The Inner Sea Caliphate female character

At the time I am writing this text she is the last character I have made, also my favorite so far. I imagined her as The Caliphate Queen who fought her way to the throne of one of the island.

Norman Male Character

The inner sea normans render

I like this one a lot, a rough Norman fellow who like rum a lot. I imagined him as a physically strong character who happen to speak with a lot of confidence and just because of this ended up ruling a full city. To me he is a true Drunken Sailor on a golden throne.

Qin Male Character

The Inner Sea Qin character

The Qins were the first to arrive in The Inner Sea.I wanted to make a mentally strong character, a traditional noble man but still a sailor battered by the sea.

If you are interested in the back story of The Inner Sea civilizations, on how they all ended up in the archipelago, you can find a full description on our website.

If anyone is interested in the process of creation or anything else about the art of the game feel free to contact me in PM, I will be really happy to answer your questions.

Also I am going to make one of our Facebook followers the next character of the game, in the same style as the one you see here, and I will send him or her a 3D printed version of the result. If you want more details about it, feel free to have a look on our Facebook page

Cheers !

Art of The Inner Sea

Art of The Inner Sea

News 2 comments

Our main artist Antoine Dekerle made a series of comments, on the art he made for The Inner Sea.

The Inner Sea - Build updates and bug fixing report

The Inner Sea - Build updates and bug fixing report


Ahoy Buccaneers and welcome to our first build update and bug fixing report. We want say thanks for all your awesome feedback. If you find any issue with...

We are making a game ! - The Inner Sea

We are making a game ! - The Inner Sea


Almost a year has passed since Ivo started developing the game. This is one the first game presentations done.

Spreading the Word!

Spreading the Word!


Our efforts of trying to spread the word are working a buccaneer from indiecentral did a preview to help us spread the word.

Junglehunter117 - - 15 comments

this is cool, is it still being worked on?

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_Ulfhednar_ - - 631 comments

Looks amazing

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The_Inner_Sea Creator
The_Inner_Sea - - 2 comments

Tks man :)

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