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“The Initiate” – A Mystery Puzzle Adventure with Horror Elements.

July 7, 2017 – Wales, UK – Deceptive Games Ltd are pleased to announce their newest game ‘The Initiate’ scheduled for release Tuesday 1st August 2017 on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux.

Waking in modern room, all is quiet. Vague memories flash in your mind as you stand from the cold wooden floor. A voice bellows from an intercom placed on one of the walls, which has been surrounded by strange shapes and other mysterious objects. The voice tells you your mission; use your intelligence to escape. This is your trial.

The initiate is set in Oregon, Astoria and tells the story of Nathan Rockford. Nathan has lost his memory and has awakened in a house full of traps and puzzles. You take on the role of Nathan on a mysterious adventure to discover the truth of why you’re trapped here, who your kidnappers are, in an effort to survive.

“We are very excited for people to play the game, and for that reason we are releasing the alpha demo for everyone to try.” said Gavin Powell, game creator and director for Deceptive Games. “We hope this demo will highlight the key aspects of the game mechanics, and will give everyone an understanding of how the story will progress of this mystery puzzle adventure, without giving away too much of the main game.”

“The Initiate” is scheduled to release on for PC, MAC and Linux 1st August 2017.

Steam Link:


Demo Link:


System Requirements:
Windows 7/Windows 8.1/Windows 10 with Intel i5 Processor or AMD equivalent, 8GB system memory, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 or AMD equivalent with DirectX 9.0c and 7 Gig hard-drive space.

About Deceptive Games

Deceptive Games is a small independent video games company from Wales, UK.

Press Info:
Press kit with screenshots, videos and a playable alpha demo is available at www.deceptive-games.com/initiate/presskit.zip

For related questions, enquiries, interviews and to request review code(s), please contact info@deceptive-games.com.

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Game Announcement

‘The Initiate: The First Interviews’

A Mysterious First-Person Puzzle Game for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Logo Complete   Black BG

Monday 6h, 2018 – Wales, UK – Deceptive Games announce their new title “The Initiate: The First Interviews” scheduled to release on all gaming platforms including PS4, Xbox One, PC and MAC.

"With little memory of how they got there, three people awake in adjacent cells. A voice bellows from a wall speaker. "Welcome to your trial - Your goal is simple, escape or die".


The Initiate: The First Interviews tells the story of Samantha Blake - a distraught mother from the loss of her child during complex surgery, Benjamin Clarke - an alcoholic whose life was turned upside down with the death of his wife in a horrific car accident, and Stephen Parfitt - college professor and author, whose interest in life is declining with an ever changing World.

Three strangers - forced to work together to survive their sadistic captors, each one searching for answers, redemption and the peace of mind that they so desire.

With a focus on the occult, The Initiate: The First Interviews is a story driven escape the room puzzle game with many unique puzzles and challenges that will ask the player to think logically, and carefully. With an engaging world, and an oppressive horror atmosphere, will stay in the minds of players for many years to come.


Upon completion of the game, players will be able to advance to the ‘next stage’ of puzzles which will be in the form of ARG. This will continue the story and mystery long after the game - This was very popular during the release of the first Initiate game in 2017, which continues to enthral players today.

So, can you unravel the mystery behind your captivity, and most importantly, can you escape this treacherous and sinister ordeal? Remember: No-one is safe, and nothing is as it appears.

“The Initiate: First Interviews” release date to be announced, but will enter Early Access on Steam 21st June 2018.

PC System Requirements:
Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/8.1 with 3Ghz Dual Core processor, 8GB system memory, 3D card with 512 MB video memory and DirectX 9.0c, and 6 Gig hard-drive space.

About Deceptive Games

Deceptive Games is an independent video games company from Wales, UK. Previously released games include ‘The Initiate’ and ‘Silent Descent’.

For further information, visit www.Deceptive-Games.com..

Press Info:
Press kit with logo, screenshots and video is available at:

For related questions, enquiries, interviews and to request review code(s), please contact info@deceptive-games.com or amy@deceptive-games.com

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The Initiate Alpha Demo

The Initiate Alpha Demo

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“The Initiate” – A Mystery Puzzle Adventure with Horror Elements.

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