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A match-5 action puzzler with a twist. If you know the feeling when collecting tons of bubbles in Bust-A-Move, or collecting tons of rings with Sonic, then you'll understand the appeal of The Greedy Sponge. However, be warned: this game starts relaxing, but it can get frantic towards the end. Nothing for people with a pacemaker.

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What's next?


Recently, I've added the Time-Mode for all the people with pacemaker, not able to handle the hectic beyond Level 10. ;-) Seems like this update has made some people happy. The new iTunes rating jumped from 3,5 to 4 stars. Success!

So, what's next? How can I make more players happy?

I thought, I could be finally implementing the upgrades.
Currently, something like this is in my mind:

  1. FILLER: every row with less than 7 Thingies gets filled up with one color.
  2. RE-COLORIZER: colors in a row get grouped.
  3. STEALER: all Thingies of a random color get disconnected from the structure.
  4. CUTTER: the highest visible row gets cut out. Everything bellow falls down to Greedy's maw.

This will add some more fun to the game. It will also allow players to top their existing highscores.

That said, let's code again!
Your enjoyment is my top priority. ;-)

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