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A colorful point and click adventure coupled with rewarding strategic combat, which together tell the story of Kristal, The Girl of Glass.

* Branching dialogue and multiple solutions to each quest.
* Balanced combat with emphasis on strategy over stats.
* Traditional 2D painted and animated environments projected onto 3D surfaces.
* Full-blown orchestral soundtrack.
* Possibility to bypass combat or point and click adventure depending on player's preference.


The game takes place during a summer in the mid-20th century in a ficitonal European country. It is here we meet Kristal, the Girl of Glass who after being orphaned a couple of years earlier has ended up in a circus of misfits.

The circus has stopped travelling and Kristal wants nothing more but to see the world. One day a boy appears on the other side of the fence and when he hears Kristal's wish to leave, he offers her to run away with him. Kristal accepts it, but leaving the circus turns out to be more difficult than they thought.

Weeks later, we find Kristal on a train in the middle of nowhere. Suddenly the train stops and a man in uniform takes Kristal into custody. She resists his grip and the officer responds with hitting her in the face. The impact creates a crack in her glass skin which quickly spreads across her whole body and ultimately shatters it. This is the end of The Girl of Glass but not the end of Kristal; because out of the glass dust her imago butterfly form emerges, she has finally hatched. The narrative jumps back and forth between the circus and what happens after the train scene to patch up everything in between and explain what happens next.


The game combines two very different gameplay ideas into one experience. The main part is an easy going point and click adventure with emphasis on the narrative. The other one is a challenging and satisfying turn-based strategy game.

The combat stage is divided into fields, with one pawn standing in each field. You typically have two or four pawns on your team and you make choices for each pawn without knowing what your opponent is planning. When all actions have been decided, everything plays out in an order based on each pawn's agility.

The GUI has an intuitive flow to it where you press the mouse button once, hover to expand categories and release to select and action. In the case above, Kristal chooses to switch place with her team-mate and since Kristal is the fastest pawn in this scenario, the switch takes place before the enemies attack, which lets Kristal and her friend effectively evade attacks they are weak to.

Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each pawn is essential and it is necessary to continuallly reposition yourself to maintain an advantage. Ultimately it becomes a rock-paper-scissors-like mind game where you predict your opponent to stay one step ahead.

If you think the combat not for you, you are free to start the game in pacifist mode and just enjoy the point and click adventure. Likewise, you will be able to access the combat outside of the story. Our plan is also to implement multiplayer.


We have come a long way but we still have a long way to go. We are proud of the images and videos we have shown so far, but for the final product we aim to raise the quality bar even further.

More information will come, and we are currently running a Square Enix Collective campaign which you can find here: Collective.square-enix.com

We will likely also run a crowdfunding campaign later this year.

The game is primarily being made for PC and iOS/Android but we hope to release it on more platforms than that.

You can email us at: contact@thegirlofglass.com

Thank you for you time :)

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The Girl of Glass Revealed!


The Girl of Glass Revealed!

Hi all, hope you’re having a great weekend :)

camp 1 highres

Earlier this week we revealed a project we have been working on for some time, namely, The Girl of Glass. It’s one part point and click adventure, one part strategic combat, that together tell the story of Kristal, the girl of glass.

Stockholm, Sverige, Arkitektur, City, Scandinavia

We’re a small team, mainly from Sweden, with a lot of passion for making games. The Girl of Glass is our first project together, and while we are not industry veterans by a long shot, we do have a bit of accumulated experience and have worked on projects like Mad Max, Just Cause 3, Skywind, Kung Fury and two handuls of indie/hobby games.

We began prototyping The Girl of Glass more than two years ago, but it wasn’t until the second half of 2015 that we started working on the project for real. Since then we’ve come a long way but there is still much to go. We’ve kept the project pretty much a secret until now and we’re excited to finally show it to you, we hope you like what you see :)

We are currently running a Square Enix Collective campaign that you can find here: Collective.square-enix.com and if you want to know more about the project you can also head over to our IndieDB page: Indiedb.com which we’ll make sure to keep updated for you.

In case you’re wondering, the game is made with Unity and we use a camera projection technique to achieve the 3D feel with handpainted images together with alpha channel video textures to animate surfaces. It might sound expensive, and kind of is, but not as expensive as you might think. We have the game running smoothly on older machines without any problem and our goal is to release it for Android and iOS as well. If there is an interest, we could make a tutorial of how we do it. For character animations we use the fantastic tool Spine, which we really recommend!


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