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TEAK it's a 3D/2D beat'em up inspired on "Grabbed By The Ghoulies" "Streets Of Rage 2" and "The Grim Adventures Of Billy And Mandy" that bring us tons of combat moments with brutal kills and adrenaline at a giant spooky castle. Aesthetic music with 80s style.. So cool!

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DS has put so much of his love into this project, perhaps a little biased thanks to me being on the dev team as composer, but all the themes, story and imagery of this game are incredibly well thought out and come from a very deep and interesting background. Sure, its cartoony, and a little silly, but thats the joy of this title, the gameplay is fun, and challenging, and its a blast to play: Fast paced action, I would compare it to a 3D, horror castle themed "smash TV" in which rooms are unlocked after beating screenfuls of enemies, with power up rooms and save rooms scattered throughout the game. If a sprawling, open world, sandbox style title is what you are after, best to look at other titles, but for a fun, addictive, cute and frantic action slasher, then look no further.

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