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My name is Joseph and i like anything which needs creativity. I like to learn something new and i want make games draw pictures and do something for make goods. I am fairly amateur game develpoer at moment but i look how can improve myself.

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Hi guys! I am again and i just want to know which program language easy to learn and use and which possible to make good games by using it?
I have few idea which language we want use with team but we are mainly just designers or thinkerers and we haven't still any programmer in this team. I want to improve myself with in this theme coz i want to know something about all part but i don't know how long to learn any prog language.

See you all.



animastudio50 Blog
Be Developer

Be Developer

animastudio50 Blog
Jdawgg25 - - 158 comments

Thank your for following my game engine!! Feel free to browse my engine blog at Jordonmd.blogspot.com. If you like what I do, please help support Steel Cyclone Studios by subscribing to my social media.

Facebook: Facebook.com

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YouTube: Youtube.com

I am self-taught and currently work on everything entirely on my own in my spare time. Again, thank you and I greatly appreciate your support.

Jordon McClain

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swizex - - 51 comments

Thank you for following my game!

many thanks.
teddy m

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animastudio50 Creator
animastudio50 - - 70 comments

After trying some game i decided i will begin my first models and study the game developing dynamics. I try to watch and read videos/articles about game making and involve any part of this to begin my first real projects.

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