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The Audit is a Scifi 3D Platformer/Action-Adventure game focused on the events revolving around the discovery of a mysterious Artifact called Halios deep within the North Well Mining Facility. Gameplay is a unique blend of skill based platforming challenges and Action-Adventure sections with a focus on exploration, with lost of secrets to uncover to reward those who explore.

Feature Summary:

  • Dark Scifi story driven game with a twist.
  • Gameplay consists of a mixture of side scroller platforming challenges and 3D Action-Adventure sections.

Platform sections:

  • Use a physics based energy gun to teleport across the levels while avoid the hazards in the environment.
  • Finish the levels with in a time limit to unlock the optional areas at the end of each levels and find out what each secret area holds (Easter eggs included).
  • Go off the main path to discover the many hidden sections of each level.

Adventure Sections:

  • Explore The North Well Mining Facility in 3D and uncover it secrets while facing the hostile security forces.
  • Lots of secret locations to uncover to reward those who carefully explore.

Story Synopsis:

You play as Auditor 313, a PHD in Material Science and an Expert Nuclear Auditor. You have just arrived at the North Well Mining Facility Strategic Research Unit to inspect a top secret project. The recent discovery of an artifact, called Helios, with extraordinary properties deep within the mines of North Well Mining Facility has resulted in achieving unbelievable technological advances in a short period of time. One of the main advances, is the development of an Energy Portal Technology, which allows tor extract ing unlimited renewable energy from Helios. These energy portals form an interconnected energy web throughout the facility and is run by an AI entity called Aegis-4. However shortly after your arrival something goes horribly wrong, Aegis-4 is seemingly shut down and the security systems have turned hostile for unknown reasons. Now it is up to you to escape the facility and uncover the mystery behind the events taking place.


The gameplay can be divided into two modes, each with their own challenges:

  • Platform sections: The power is down and the facility is under emergency lock down. There is no going back. The only option to survive is to restore the power manually by carry an energy ball through the section before its energy runs out. Players skill in accuracy with the energy gun and timing to avoid hazards in the environment by jumping or dodging them are challenged in these sections.
  • Action-Adventure Sections: Outside the platforming sections players are free to move in a 3D space to explore the mining facility to uncover it secrets and the true reasons behind the events taking place while facing the by the hostile security systems of the facility.

Your Feedback is important!

This game is still in Alpha development stage. The elements seen in the demo might be modified in the final product. All constructive feedback regarding the game is appreciated and will be taken into consideration as the game is developed.

You can contact me via

Email: Sohrabsa@gmail.com

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