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When a young girl suddenly goes missing and local authorities are unable to find her, a supernatural medium, familiar with such cases of abduction steps in to save the day.

Play as the role of Kim, a spirit whisperer who must venture into the foul recesses of an abandoned highland forest apartment where tragedy once struck. There she must use all of her wits and tools at her disposal to break through the spirit dimension in her search for the missing girl.

Rumor has it that the apartment is haunted and dark deeds were committed in its long history. Her transgression of the site will no doubt awaken restless spirits who were once wronged as well as the far sinister beings that keep the complex possessed.

Armed with only a smartphone, and her psychic abilities to see and hear the supernatural; Kim's chance of survival is small in this cradle of darkness. The horrors she will face will undoubtedly be nerve wrecking but she may yet prevail.

Players will experience both the atmosphere of the haunted apartment and one that fights back against trespassers. A horror-director-AI system decides when and what to tackle players with by reading both the player's behavior and taking into consideration the pacing of the game. Every buildup to a horrific moment is unique in their own way and no one will experience the exact same scripted game.

Challenge yourself in this survival horror and rescue the girl before the clock runs out. The 9th Gate comes in 4 challenge modes ranging from Easy (for tourists who enjoy exploring a haunted apartment) to Nightmare (only for true veterans of the game).

Be the best horror movie protagonist you've always wanted to be.

Play The 9th Gate Today!

PS. "Are there Jumpscares?" -- Yes, but never sudden or random and you can definitely avoid them if you're careful. (Apart from that one scripted moment in the prequel)

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Hey folks!

Alex from Spacepup here. Anyone fancy a bit of running around a dark haunted apartment in search of cursed dolls in safe confines of your homes?

The 9th Gate

Well allow me to introduce you an extremely challenging survival horror game that we've been making for over the last 3 years called The 9th Gate!

This is a game where you'll be searching for cursed dolls, avoiding all sorts of angry spirits and attempt to save the girl before your time runs. Features creepy atmosphere and a smart horror director AI that generates challenge for players in the game so no one will end up playing the same game twice!

The 9th Gate releases this 17th October (1 day from now) and to top it off, we're having a 15% launch discount that will last all week until the 23rd of the month!

A 15% launch discount!

If you'd like to have yourself an intense dread filled evening one of these days, drop by and give this game a chance. Don't forget to Wishlist and be notified of the launch as soon as it happens.

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