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Tennis Elbow 4 is the successor of Tennis Elbow 2013, acclaimed by many Steam reviewers as the most realistic tennis simulation ever.

TE4 pushes even deeper the realism of the tennis rallies by providing completely rehauled ball, strike & player physics.

Created by and for tennis fans, Tennis Elbow 4 is a tennis simulation with an easy and intuitive learning curve, but with exceptional gameplay depth.

In this tennis game, you'll have to show all your tactical skills, use an iron mind and quick reflexes, as well as a sharp eye to guess the ball trajectories, all of this to choose your next strike wisely.

To beat your opponent, you have the choice between all the possible strikes on a real court, from the safe strike to the acceleration, including the drop shot and the topspin lob.

This tennis simulation is designed for all tennis lovers, whether gamepad mashers or keyboard novices, because of its numerous difficulty levels. In addition, a visual help system will assist you in aiming the ball and positioning your player. You can turn these options on and off whenever it suits you.

TE4 features one of the most complete World Tour ever made in a tennis video game. With more than 3500 players evolving over several decades competing in more than 400 tournaments each year, from the low-rank Junior tournament qualifications to the top-level Pro event finals, both in singles and doubles competition, you’ll feel like diving into a real professional tennis player’s career.

Tennis Elbow game engine is very open to modifications and a few mods are already available on Mana Games' forums.


  • 9 different court surfaces : clay, green clay, grass, hard, blue-green hard, classic synthetic, NewLine synthetic, indoor hard and indoor synthetic; each with a specific rebound
  • 21 Stadiums around the world
  • 400+ tournaments, with 3500+ players evolving over 70 years, from 1973 for men & 1983 for women, to 2042
  • Commentaries by Tennis TV commentator Darren Kilfara
  • The Country Cup
  • Singles & doubles competitions
  • Junior & Pro Tours
  • 6 difficulty levels, each split into 10 sublevels
  • Full ranking system
  • 3D male & female players fully customizable
  • Singles, 3, and doubles games
  • Split screen
  • Network : LAN and online games
  • 1 to 6 games per set, in best of 1, 3 or 5 sets
  • 7 camera modes
  • Game is very Modding friendly


You can play doubles with 4 human players on 1 computer, or on 2 computers with 2 players per computer by LAN or Internet, but not on 4 computers.

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Tennis Elbow 4, deep tennis sim, has opened up modding support for the game with mods altering gameplay, presentation, and core mechanics, powered and supplied via mod.io. Read on to learn more about this sporting passion project indie and the mods likely to emerge from its modding!

Tennis Elbow 4 is the newest game in Mana Games' series of tennis sims to now feature mod support (which make up the bulk of their catalogue), a sequel to the 2013 release. Having shipped back in 2021 in early access, its been the subject of many updates since aimed at expanding the game's core feature-set and playing ball with the passionate fans that followed Mana Games from their earlier titles.

Image 7Tennis Elbow 4 is all about simulating the tight, tactical experience of a one-on-one match

"Created by and for tennis fans" is the tagline on the store page, and the game aims to replicate the tight back-and-forth of a fierce match with realistic simulation to make that tagline work. That's in addition to the metagame of tournaments, stadium and court types, and the career mode which can see you following the rise (and fall) of a tennis star from the junior stages of their career to the peak in the pro scene.

Image 1
A variety of court types can affect the plays you can comfortably make

Tennis Elbow 2013, predecessor to this title, targeted modding support as a way for players to further enhance their experience; after all, players engaged with a dedicated tennis sim game are likely to be some of the most passionate fans of such a title around. Now, Tennis Elbow 4 has followed suit with mod.io support - simplifying mod installation for the game's audience who had previously been sharing mods on the company's forums instead.

Image 11
Plenty of career info can give you a top-down view of how you're doing and what's the next play

Offered on mod.io already are four mods each shooting in a different direction - enhanced player customization, a walk down memory lane with introducing 2013 content into the game, new animations for the player character, and a 'hardcore' mod that further intensifies the physics simulation and demands total engagement with the premise.

Image 9

Extensive player customization keeps the strategy ceiling very high for those willing to delve deep

Hardcore sport sim fans might be eating well with this one - perhaps almost as niche as they come, but rated Very Positive on Steam after a few hundred reviews, it seems this is the game for PC tennis aficionados. The update was introduced on April 25th, and with a modding scene already present, you can expect creators to be moving their mods to mod.io now the opportunity has arisen. The game's 20% off right now at £19.99 GBP/$23.99 USD, and whilst still in early access, the version number indicates that may not be the case for long. Check it out on mod.io on mod.io here!

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