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Think doing the laundry is a chore? Get ready for a new spin on the spin cycle.
Enter into the world’s wackiest washing machine. Roll and bounce Teddy around the maze-like compartments of this ultra high-tech (and ultra convoluted) washer. Teddy must gather detergent to maximize your clothes’ cleanliness, but be wary of dirt balls along the way! Dirt balls cling to Teddy’s cuddly fur, soiling the clothes in the process.
This crazy washing machine is a dizzying jumble of puzzles and skill. Only Teddy, with his gumption and green bow tie, can finish the job and bring these clothes to new levels of cleanliness.Lastly, we leave you this piece of wisdom.
--- “Remember this: it is not the bear that you control, but the world around him.”Let it guide you in your journey through the game, and extend to your everyday life.

- 90 unique levels filled with mind boggling puzzles and platforming
- 5 unique sections: Tumble, Soap, Lint, Steam, and Rinse keep the gameplay fresh like clean laundry
- 25 extra Challenge Levels, for those who really want to get down and dirty
- Utilizes GameCenter for score Leaderboards and 50+ Achievements
- Earn unlocks that will enrich your everyday life.
- Fully integrated with Facebook and Twitter so you can share your high scores!
- Soothing soundtrack to spin by.

Try it for free now on the iTunes App Store and Android Market Coming soon to Web.

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Oh no, Polar Teddy accidentally dropped Santa's presents into the washing machine! Teddy and Polar Teddy must tag-team their way through 65 new levels to find all the presents using the new Freezing Mechanic. However, not all the toys have come away unscathed: the two Teddies must battle a broken Toy Robot and his dangerous Lasers.

- 40 levels Polar Teddy levels featuring the new Freezing mechanic.
- 25 Toy Robot levels.- Play with both Teddy and Polar Teddy at the same time.
- 8 unlockable bonus images including a Christmas poem from the developers.
- Festive Santa outfit for Teddy to be used in all levels.

Try Teddy Tumble for free today on iOS and Android.

Teddy Tumble Halloween Update Released!

Teddy Tumble Halloween Update Released!


Teddy Tumble's Halloween level pack has been released!

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