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The sequel to the 2008 Tron/Battlezone inspired, first-person tank action game!

Tank Universal1 appeared on Steam and other selected outlets in 2008.

"An arcade tank shooter with oodles of variables and that special addictive quality that pulls you back again and again" - IGN [7/10]

Inspired by the shapes and spaces of Tron and the game-play of Battlezone, the game was heavy on action. Shells arc in, explosions batter your tank as you judge an enemy's distance and lob shell after shell their way.

Easy to use FPS controls. WASD for movement, mouse look to swing your turret about. Easy to pick up and play.

Every level was different but in combat the player was just one unit among many on the battlefield.

Tank Universal 2 (TU2) is now available on Steam!


Go to www.tankuniversal.com for more details.

Core Features

GAME LENGTH: Approximately 10 - 12 hours to complete the campaign. Then design your own battles with the custom battle builder.

HUD. All the information you need at a glance. Objectives listed on-screen. Radar displays nearby targets + direction to objectives.

DODGE incoming shells. To stay still is to be an easy target so keep moving. Shells have exaggerated arcs - they can be avoided if you have enough distance and skill. Check your radar and use the sights and sounds of the battlefield to gauge when to pull back or when to charge in and deal damage.

RETURN FIRE. As enemy tanks fire at you, return the favor! Judge distance and travel and send your own shells arcing their way. If there's time, hold down the fire button for a charged shot to do more damage.

UPGRADE your tank. Bonuses both permanent and not so permanent if you lose your tank in battle. Upgrades include rockets and drop turrets. Can you keep the same tank for the entire game?

SHIELDS, SYSTEMS and ARMOR. Your tank has shields but once those are gone, core systems will begin to take damage. Jump out of your tank for a quick spot of repair or jet-pack over to a new tank and take control. Additional protection can be had by collecting armor shards for extra 'bolt-on' protection.

ATTACK / DEFEND / CAPTURE. Take the fight to the enemy or defend your base from epic waves of enemy tanks and other vehicles. Each level is different and presents different challenges.

(The game is single player only: 27 level campaign + battle designer included.)

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Update March 2019b: Reshade


A second update this month.

The biggest change is that TU2 now uses ReShade.
ReShade is an open source DX wrapper - similar to ENB - which allows for a selection of postprocess fx to be added to a game.

In this case, TU2 now uses a selection that includes a superior bloom + colour and levels enhancements.
It makes the game look much prettier and more vibrant - more 'Tron-like'.
These post process fx run on top of the game's internal fx.

To access the ReShade config menu from within the game, hit Home
To TOGGLE ReShade on/off, hit End
The above hotkeys can be configured from within the ReShade config menu.

To UNINSTALL ReShade (and run TU2 with original graphics),
run ReShade_Setup_4.2.1.exe in STEAM\SteamApps\common\Tank Universal 2\BIN
Choose DX9 and select choose TU2.GAME.exe in the above directory
Choose 'no' to uninstall ReShade

Other changes include:
Final Gorgon confrontation now includes nuke launch sequence.
Last three levels: heavy tanks can use limited turbo to speed up progress.
Wording tweaks to help story and general understanding of ending.
Player can now exit/enter tanks at start of level 15:'The Pass'.

Known issues:
Occasionally a fortress may detonate while cutscene is still playing, not giving player enough time to escape.
Static lightning may be seen in sky in level 23:'I Can See Forever'.
'Hacking network node' message not clearing when player tank exited during hack.

Tank Universal2 - patch, price drop and bonus unit

Tank Universal2 - patch, price drop and bonus unit


Take control of your virtual tank and confront the forces of Gorgon - new fixes, a new, lower price and extra bonus unit!

Tank Universal2 - holiday sale!

Tank Universal2 - holiday sale!


Take control of your virtual tank and confront the forces of Gorgon - now 20% OFF until 21 January!

Tank Universal2 - released!

Tank Universal2 - released!


Although slated for release in early February 2019, Tank Universal 2 is ready and so has been released now. Grab a copy for the holidays!

Tank Universal2 - released early!

Tank Universal2 - released early!


Although slated for release in early February 2019, Tank Universal 2 is complete and so has been released now. Grab a copy for the holidays!

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Tank Universal 2 demo

Tank Universal 2 demo


3 level preview from the full game. Please note demo requrements: Windows 7/8/10 Intel Core i5 processor (CPU) or better DirectX 9 compliant video card...

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