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Have you ever sat there watching American football, or playing football, with normal human players running around tackling each other wondering if this could somehow be played in big, heavy, metal vehicles with canons? The answer to this question is in most cases, probably not. In this game, however, that is exactly what you do, online in teams of 11 players with all the strategy and suspense of football, played in military tanks.

The game uses an army style ranking system for progression, so every new account starts out as a Private (E-1) and is granted Private 2nd Class (E-2) upon the completion of a basic tutorial. There after, players are promoted based on experience gained through playing matches. Ranks are grouped into tiers (2 - 4 ranks in a tier). Upon reaching a tier you are granted a new tank from a selection of tanks. Tanks can only play against tanks in the same tier, so you can be the highest rank in the game and still fight in the lowest tier if you use a tank from that tier. Standard matches will be pair teams randomly, except for team matches which give players the ability to form their own teams. The game will be completely free, and will not be pay to win. Tank skins, however, will be available for purchase as well as other cosmetic items.

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Backend updates and Testing!


For the fast few weeks, I have been spending nearly all my time working on Tank Football, and it is starting to pay off! Most of the work has been on the back end of the game, server, and the website.

First off, I'm happy to say that account activation emails are now being sent properly from noreply@tankfootball.com, which has been something I've been trying to fix for months. The problem was the smtp mailhandler for MyBB. It was just not compatible with my emails hosts smtp server. The solution to this problem was to reprogram the smtp mailhandler using very easy to use mail library, swiftmailer.

In relation to accounts, I'm happy to announce you can now sign up for Tank Football game accounts! After studying the MyBB account authentications system and MyBB database table structures, I've successfully hooked the game server into the website database, so all you have to do to make a game account is create an account on tankfootball.com. You can use that account to sign into the game once it's released, and also for testing.

Beyond those two things, I've also made the server itself far more stable, and fixed loads of bugs and issues. The game has also been improved. As with the server I've fixed numerous bugs and have made it more stable, as well as added chat. I've also greatly improved the visual aspects of the game by adding clouds that can optionally be animated, and have made the game field look like it's actually made of grass instead of small, smooth grass-looking tiles.

Lastly, I feel the core of the game is fairly stable, and before I really focus on adding the game play elements of Tank Football I would like to test to find any problems, errors and bugs that can arise from having more than just 2 players in a match. If you'd like to help me and test the game, please create an account and post in this thread: tankfootball.com/thread-7.html

Thanks for reading!




An official website is available to get more frequent updates, and to discuss the game. TankFootball.com

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What happened to Tankfootball.com ?

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