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Lady Tallowmere's kittens have been acting strange. Still, the dungeon's rituals must be carried out. Despite the unusual circumstances, how many rooms can you clear?

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Development log: Upcoming improvements for version 0.3.6.

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Tallowmere 2 – Devlog

Almost two months ago, version 0.3.5f was released.

Since then, I've been working on getting version 0.3.6 ready.

Here is the current state of things.


The mobile version is working, including cross-platform online play. Big thank you to all testers involved.

Touchscreen and gamepad support is done. The game is playable.

However, there are a couple loose ends I am fixing to get full approval from Apple and Google before the mobile launch can happen.


  • For the game to be fully compatible with Android TV, I need to improve menu support when using a TV Remote. Almost done.

  • I've also added rough implementations to allow the game to be fully playable using a TV Remote, but not sure if this will make it into version 0.3.6 or not. It's not a huge blocking issue, so might come later, but keen to get it done.


  • The current menu flow with Game Center and purchasing the game's single "Core Supporter Pack" in-app purchase needs some tweaking to get approved, so I am fixing that soon.

Once the fixes are done for upcoming 0.3.6, I will submit to Apple and Google again, and we’ll see if the fixes get approved. More issues might arise after that – time will tell.

Once Apple and Google have approved everything, I will announce a release date.


Third-party cheats (which taint the Steam Leaderboards) and pirate copies (which taint the Online Co-op experience) have unfortunately become a thing.

To address such issues, I am working on the following for upcoming 0.3.6:


  • Server-side, I am implementing Steam session authorization tickets, and fully utilizing Valve's VAC bans and game ban systems, to make Tallowmere 2's servers prevent bad actors from playing online.

  • Additionally, I am implementing similar methods for the servers to verify iOS and Google Play players – validating customer receipts and such. It’s a slightly different beast compared to Steam, but I am matching things best I can.


  • For 0.3.6, I am making the game submit all Steam Leaderboard scores through a Tallowmere 2 secure server first, rather than having clients submit to Steam’s servers directly. This will help prevent illegitimate scores from being added.

  • I will clean up the 0.3.5 leaderboard scores where possible once this fix is in for version 0.3.6, and the next wave of bans will be issued.

  • I am adding additional methods for detecting external cheats to make things more robust, but I don’t want to disclose too much.


  • Apple recently released macOS 12.5, which fixes a lot of Bluetooth gamepad regressions they introduced earlier in the year. I've implemented some additional compatibility improvements, which will come in version 0.3.6.


All the above will be rolled into one version, because there are so many things intertwined.

It's been taking time, and will still take a bit more time. Version 0.3.6 will be done when it's done, all in an effort to improve the dungeons.

Client coding, game server coding, website coding, learning and implementing APIs, and dealing with plugin upgrades along the way...

This is the joy of multi-platform software development, especially when dealing with submissions that can be rejected, all in the name of walled-garden quality assurance and adhering to guidelines. But we’re getting there.

I will announce dates for the mobile release when dates are ready to announce.

Work on the Nintendo Switch version will continue after all the above is sorted.

Thank you for your patience.


Alongside my psoriatic arthritis, it seems I've also been suffering from sleep apnea.

Over the past week, I've been using a CPAP / APAP machine for the first time, and it's been noticeably helpful for having more energy during the day – and less brain fog – which is a good thing. Still get tired when my immune system flares up, but having better quality sleep is a big improvement.

Let's hope development speed increases.

– Chris

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