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The game you are trying to view has ceased development and consequently been archived. If you are a member of this game, can demonstrate that it is being actively developed and will be able to keep this profile up to date with the latest news, images, videos and downloads, please contact us with all details and we will consider its re-activation.

The Idea

Inspired by classic titles like Heroes of Might and Magic, Civilization, King's Bounty and Warlords; Tales n’ Tactics brings back the feel of the old-school turn-based strategy genre.You will control up to four champions, from one of six races in a quest for victory. Conquer towns, clear dungeons or just explore the randomly generated maps.
You can play either alone or with your friends, on one computer via hot seat-mode or online! All this is presented in cozy, retro graphics.
The Tales n' Tactics soundtrack will feature several different genres of instrumental music, reflecting the medieval style of the game. However, all tracks will have a unifying 8-bit/retro feel to them that will fit the pixel art perfectly.

The Features

Tales n' Tactics will feature:

  • Skirmish-mode. Skirmish mode offer a two-minute solution to map creation in which the players themselves can decide what kind of map they wish to play on.
  • Map-creator/editor. The ability to create your own levels using our in-game map editor.
  • Turn-Based. Turn-based combat and turn-based strategy.
  • Multiplayer. Hot-seat- and online multiplayer for up to six people.
  • Dungeons and Events. Many different random dungeons and events.
  • Conquer and re-build. The ability to conquer, build and lay siege to towns, cities and outposts and to then re-build and upgrade buildings.
  • Units and Monsters. Over 95 different units and monster which can be fought and allied with, to grow and strengthen your empire.
  • Effects, buff and debuffs. Numerous effects and traits which will affect your and your enemy's army.
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Tales n' Tactics is now on Indiegogo!

Check us out right here

We are also on Greenlight
Thank you for your continued support!

New Features

  • Seed generation.
  • Resource gain.
  • Pop-up interfaces.

Week 26 DEMO - Movable Chat!

Updated Features

  • Synced online movement.
  • Options accessible while in-game.
  • More user-friendly player selection screen.
  • Updated Tales n' Tactics logo.
  • Added "Ranged" to several units.
  • Polished-up some unit sprites.
  • Updated Dwarf buildings!
  • Updated Orc buildings!
  • Updated Human buildings!
  • Updated Undead buildings!

Week 31 DEMO - Updated Editor!

Behind-the-scenes (Tech)

  • Synced online movement.
  • Prepared credits screen for adding indiegogo backers names.
  • Smooth crossfades between music tracks ingame
  • Editor optimisations.
  • Worldmap optimisations.

Week 31 DEMO - Improved Interface!


  • Updated Elven theme.
  • Updated Human theme.

Week 21 DEMO - Cycles!

Changes of the week: 25-26

Changes of the week: 25-26


Updates this week 25-26: Music, New Terrain, Updated weather and a chat!

Changes of the week: 21-24; Trailer

Changes of the week: 21-24; Trailer


Updates this week: Trailer, Website, Saves and Graphics!

Changes of the week: Week 20

Changes of the week: Week 20


Updates this week: AI, music, weather and updated graphics!

Changes of the week: Week 16

Changes of the week: Week 16


Updates this week: Online Battlefield and more Animations!



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looks interesting , gonna keep an eye on this one.

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This game seems like a nice blast from the past.

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