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TactiX is a unique tactical experience with a huge variety of maps and gamemodes. If you play the default gamemode called "Deathmatch" your task is to destroy the map in a way that you are going to be the last player standing on top of it using 11 of (currently) up to 46 unqiue skills. If you fall into the abyss then you can't win the round anymore but you can still influence the game with your abilities. The final game will also going to offer a huge modding API so people can easily add their own gamemodes, skills, blocks and other features.


This is the standalone launcher for Windows used by TactiX which automatically downloads the game and keeps it up to date. Extract the .zip in a new folder and run TactixLauncher.exe

TactiX Launcher (standalone)

So... spleef standalone?

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XmmmX Creator

Oh, sorry for the late response. We somehow overlooked your comment. ;)

If Counter Strike is Call of Duty and Age of Empires is Anno then this may be true. :P
The basic gamemode equals the victory conditions of spleef but the gameplay is completly different.

Standalone just means that it does not require Java to be installed. It includes a portable version so you are not forced to install it. :)

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