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Fight as part of the human defiance against the relentless Machine Legion.

Pick your android class and specialization, experiment with powerful gear and unending ways to upgrade your capabilities. Master the unique weapon mechanics, but be careful, no two runs are the same and death is permanent!



  • Take possession of powerful Faction Arsenals and their varied gadgets and technologies!
  • Explore much more varied and complex environments with destruction, physics & full 3D!
  • Fight the powerful Machine S.A.T Police Force, Chrono and Shock Squad and their bosses!
  • The Technology Ruleset v2 elevates gameplay, faction and world design to a higher level!


  • Master the satisfying manual reload system,
  • leverage the unique top-down headshots, now more accurate than ever!
  • A new attachment system allows for even more varied upgrade paths!
  • Weapons can now be leveled and unlock new perks throughout your run!
  • Master new mechanics such as single shell reload, dual wield and more!
  • Weapons can still jam and overheat, check yourself before you burn yourself!


  • Reimagined classes and new class specializations give you many paths to try!
  • Our Alchemy Action editor enables unseen new depth in upgrades for items and abilities!
  • Make hard choices on the new Black Market, Medical, Gambling and God Shrine terminals!
  • Armor 2.0 enables backside hits, deflections, ricochets and deeper gunplay!


  • Our powerful new framework, UniversEdit brings unending new possibilities for you & us!
  • Use our truly next-level modding / content creation tools right within the main menu:
  • Create and share your own items, abilities, weapons, classes and more within minutes!

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SYNTHETIK 2, sequel to the critically acclaimed tactical roguelite SYNTHETIK, has just recently gone into Early Access and features modding support powered by mod.io. Read on to learn more about SYNTHETIK 2 and how mod.io will support a new set of community creators!

SYNTHETIK 2 is the sequel to the well-received and fondly loved SYNTHETIK, a hardcore tactical shooter that sees you fighting an overwhelming machine menace as one of the last survivors of the human resistance. Experimentation and the roguelite gameplay loop place an emphasis on builds and customisable play, with many different playstyles available to learn and master.

Image 6
In the SYNTHETIK universe, humanity sits on the brink of dominion by an oppressive machine empire

The sequel brings a lot of new features to the table - the usual suite of extra levels, story content, and new weapons, as well as a move to full 3D and technology allowing for explosive physics and environmental destruction. Given SYNTHETIK's emphasis on satisfying and bombastic gunplay, these features are sure to factor in to the enjoyment present within the highly-refined gameplay loop.

Image 4
SYNTHETIK 2's environments aim to take full advantage of the new 3D landscape

Roguelites and roguelikes are both perfect basins for modding support, and via mod.io, SYNTHETIK 2 has embraced the possibilities of encouraging a creator community. Modders will have the option to add in a host of new features to enhance the try-and-try-again loop in the games, such as new weaponry, classes, and difficulty modifiers. It's still early days for the game's modding community, but new items, perks, and more are also on the table for modders to mould the direction SYNTHETIK 2's gameplay will take its playerbase.

Image 3
Players will have to contend with a brutal range of enemies in a gameplay loop designed to reward experimentation and trying new strategies in each run of the game

Both SYNTHETIK 2 and its predecessor sit at positive review scores. The first in the series experienced a great deal of post-launch support and even its own spinoff in the form of the free-to-play SYNTHETIK: Arena. It seems likely, then, that SYNTHETIK 2 will enjoy a similar level of expansion, though with mods on the table, SYNTHETIK 2 look ready to push the franchise further than ever before.

Image 1

Roguelikes, with all the factors that play into making each run new and unique, especially benefit from modding support that enhances the level of customisation for each player

Both SYNTHETIK and its sequel are currently on sale, with the older game at 75% off and the new release at a pleasant 10% launch discount. With the sequel in Early Access, now's as good a time as any to get involved in helping to shape the future of the franchise, and try out some of the mods on mod.io for yourself.

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