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This is an open-world survival game building mechanics and an optional RPG / storyline aspect. We failed to stop a meteor from destroying Earth but thanks to the discovery of some ancient technology we were able to escape to this new world. So far this new world seems a lot like Earth but only time will tell what lies ahead if we survive on this new Earth-like planet.

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This is an Openworld survival game with a custom building system and an optional RPG/Storyline aspect of the game. We couldn't save the Earth from the meteor but can we save ourselves by escaping through an ancient stargate and starting over in a new world? Are we the first ones to go through the portal? How Earth-like is the world on the other side? Stay tuned to find out. You can also look me up on YouTube if you want to follow the development Vlog as the game development progresses. I am hoping to be in closed beta next summer.

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