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Supergun Arena is a fighting mini game. The goal is to push the enemy off the platform to kill him. You can push the enemy using your weapon. 4 weapons are available : Pistol, Shotgun, Sniper and Rifle. Theses can be found in boxs falling from the sky. This game can be played by two players on the same keyboard or alone with an AI. The game has a map editor and a multiple map manager. It also has a parkour generator. It is planned to add online multiplayer, but it may not be in the release.

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Key bindings


Hello ! I have been asked on other forums what was the key bindings, because in facts they are not very intuitive, so here is it :
Green character

Left : S
Right : F
Jump : E
Fire : Espace

I chosed ESDF because they are compatible with QWERTY and AZERTY.

Black character

Left : Left arrow
Right : Right arrow
Jump : Up arrow
Fire : Enter or right Ctrl

Bonus : In game, you can press 'M', and the game will be in slow mo.

Editor :
Right click to move camera
Left click to put block
Switch blocks with the numbers 1 and 2.

Press switch mode to go in remove mode.

But i will put a tutorial in game soon.

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