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...there is nothing super special about this game.
Just a BoxHeadBoy trying to rescue his girl who was kidnaped without any reasons by an evil stranger.
See, the story is totally generic.

And gameplay?

Well, it's all about jumping through the world, collecting coins, beating bosses, getting hearts, rescuing a girl...

But maybe

exactly this is what we all were searching for the past years?
We all love classic games so it's time for a modern game with classic gameplay!
Just have a closer look and look forward for the release ;)


  • Konsty (GFX)
  • Dominic (CODE)
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So guys, actually we are doing some polishing on the game. Also the first boss nearly done. To have a raw idea of the game itself I made a short video. Fine-tuning for the gameplay is NOT done. This version is only for us developers so we can check all features and edit them.


New Egypt Level

New Egypt Level


So people, the weekend is over and i present you the Egypt level. STill needs some details but that's the map so far.




What? A break? Oh you mean weekend. Okay, see you on monday SuperBoxBoy

What We Are Working on #1

What We Are Working on #1


We actually are working on some new game content and fixing bugs. Be prepared for something NEW!

ANtY93 - - 166 comments

Nice rip-off of Super Crate Box and Super Meat Boy :/
I wouldn't say that if ur game wouldn't be released on phones.

Think about adding some dynamics, this looks kinda boring.

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daGamer05 - - 1 comments

Pretty cool) <3 squares))

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Konsty Creator
Konsty - - 6 comments

Hey, cpacibo sa poderzku ;)

Reply Good karma+1 vote
CMDKeen - - 647 comments

Not similar to Super Crate Box, not at all.

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Konsty Creator
Konsty - - 6 comments

Right, not smilar to like 2347623476 other games ;)

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