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More dynamic chess game. Elegant and balanced design, which also respects the original chess rules.

Key Features

  • Online multiplayer & local multiplayer.
  • Single player mode against customizable AI opponent.
  • Game Modes: Super X Chess, Super960 Chess, Normal Chess.
  • Ability to create handicaps for extra challenge or casual play.
  • Includes tutorial for both Normal Chess and Super X Chess.


  • Move your own piece to the same square as your another piece to create a combined, more powerful piece.
  • When 2 pieces are merged, the piece can't be unmerged or merge again.
  • Royal pieces (Queen and King) don't merge.
  • Pawns promote on last rank only if they are not merged or the pawn is merged with another pawn.
  • Slightly modified pawn promotion rules: Pawn+Pawn pieces promote to more powerful pieces, but regular Pawns now only promote to either Rook, Bishop or Knight.
  • Piece movement logics that are non-trivial are well thought out and include piece combinations of Knight+Knight, Rook+Rook and Pawn+Pawn.
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New kind of Chess game


Hello! I made this chess game: Store.steampowered.com and now I'm explaining my reasonings behind the design decisions of the game. Open to get to know what you think, too.:steamhappy:

The basic premise seems solid as your using your turn (time) for creating more powerful pieces, so there is already a tradeoff there, because your really not developing your piece's position to a better one while doing that. Also your having less pieces after combining your pieces, so that can also be a tradeoff, as when you have less pieces, your lowering your ability to attack the same square as many times as with more pieces.

I feel like the movement logics for the piece combinations of same pieces (Pawn+Pawn, Rook+Rook, Knight+Knight) are solid, too. But those were the difficult part of the design. I tried to get the Knight+Knight to be approximately as strong piece as Bishop+Knight piece and feel like I managed to do it. Rook+Rook piece I tried to get stronger than the other pieces, but not overpowered. Also it is important that the pieces keep some weaknesses, so Knight+Knight still can't attack any adjacent squares and Rook+Rook can be weak if not in open position.

Maybe more controversial was that I decided to drop the normal pawn ability to promote to Queen. I felt like it's more interesting, because then you get a new piece which still could combine again and also it's more interesting decision to think to what piece to promote. Before it was 99% chance for the piece to promote to Queen, now it's maybe something like 80% to Rook, 10% to bishop and 10% to Knight depending on what situation needs. It's also a small nerf for regular pawns to encourage players more to promote their pawns.

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Maybe is the better idea to return to normal chess. With your talent in this matter, my recommendation is creation of chess tactical trainer, with position generator for heavy brutal patzer preparation. You will be very popular near chess waters after this little engagement in long term run if you see the target. After that add this as additional option there.

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