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Super Realistic Autocross is an arcade-style racing simulator that brings the fun of Solo Autocross to your computer. Play dozens of tracks that hone your driving skills and teach the basics of Autocross. Experience the most super realistic cone physics ever created when you go on a cone killing rampage. And, more importantly, prove yourself and beat the most gifted racers out there.


With the help of professional drivers, Super Realistic Autocross is becoming one of the fastest growing Autocross games in the nation. With over 50 tracks planned by release, and over double that in free planned patches, you will never be bored. Race at tracks made by pros, and even tracks that are raced in real-life autocross. Master the various cars in the game and those added over time while the game constantly grows.



Learn What Makes A Real Driver

Everyone can hit a gas pedal and drive in a straight line. Autocrossers learn the fundamentals of driving fast around turns and varying difficulty obstacles making them the best drivers. Learn the capability of the car and drive it to its max potential.


Let The Rage Out

If you aren’t killing cones, you aren’t trying hard enough. Push it to the limit and hit some cones in the quest for glory, but be careful because sometimes those cones may fight back (obviously due to Super Realism).


Practice Makes Perfect

In Super Realistic Autocross you have once advantage that most do not, the ability to replay a track as many times as you need to get faster. Learn the track, learn the car, and keep improving. As all Autocrossers would say, you are only out there to beat yourself and get faster.


- Race at dozens of tracks in various environments.

- Have fun on special tracks with outrageous obstacles.

- Experiment with FWD, RWD, and AWD cars.

- Discover the best driving techniques for each car.

- Learn the basics of Autocross.

- Beat the times of the Professionals!

**Super Realistic Autocross is playable with controller, and brings the best experience when played with one. Xbox One, and Logitech controllers have been tested. Simply use the Unity launcher to set the graphical settings you want, and click play. Then the rest of the game plays off the controller.**

Sponsored by: VR Junkies, Super Gaming, and Maxx2Racing

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Convention Guest List

Phoenix Fan Fusion is the rebranded Phoenix Comic Con. Growing in size, it has become the next largest comic con to San Diego Comic Con. We are super excited to be going as an exhibitor this year and demoing Super Realistic Autocross live. We hope to make a bunch of contacts, and more importantly, introduce people to the awesomeness of autocross.

To prepare for the convention we will be trying to make some of our more important changes to the game. This week we will attempt to add Leaderboards and also make the game have full controller support. Here is a list of the features to come:

-Restart Button
-leader boards
-counter for laps and times on road course
-soundtrack in game
-sound fx for buttons
-reduce in-game car noises
-menu for cars and tracks in-game
-save car selection on main menu
-show medals for tracks at start screen
-options menu with volume
-full controller support
-next level rewards shown at racer rank
-tracks unlocked and total

Now all of these features will be done in the next month, but we will try to hit the more important ones and craft a better experience for the demo at the convention.

Hope to make some new fans and maybe see some familiar faces!
Doonamai, LLC

Duetschbag tries Super Realistic Autocross

Duetschbag tries Super Realistic Autocross


Duetschbag streamed Super Realistic Autocross trying our new updates. He is a record breaker and a monster on the track. Enjoy!

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