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Ninja Ball Dash is a side scrolling, physics puzzle, platforming game, inspired by retro platformers. You play as a speedy Ninja and your only goal, is to explore the magical Spirit Kingdom and locate your best friend's missing ball. Tricky platforming and fiendish physics puzzles, will try to prevent you from getting the ball to the flag.

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Ninja Ball Dash is a retro inspired, side scrolling puzzle platformer. It launched on mobile approximately a year ago, after a year of development. Your main objective in the game is to locate the ball in every level and to solve the puzzle of how to get the ball back to the flag. The game features 40 levels, set across 2 visually distinct worlds and the levels are a combination of platforming and puzzle solving.

Recently I decide to enhance the game for PC with the title Super Ninja Ball Dash, as I believe that the game is much better suited for PC than for mobile. Let me explain why.

I basically designed Ninja Ball Dash with hardcore gamers in mind i.e. the difficulty ramps up very fast, you don't have any health, a timer continuously counts down, the puzzles get really challenging in the late game and the levels are designed for fast reflexes. These were all by design, as I wanted the gamer to feel a sense of accomplishment whenever they were able to complete a challenging level.

Due to the tactile nature of being able to play with a mouse and keyboard or gamepad, I believe this type of puzzle platformer is better suited for PC.

For the PC version of the game will have a whole host of improvements over the mobile versions, I have redesigned the look and feel of all of the Worlds within the game, especially World 2. I will also make significant tweaks to the gameplay, in addition to adding new enemies and collectables.

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