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Fast Paced Stick Figure Action Shooter with Lots of Guns & Chaos!

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Stick Shootout Early Testing 2.0! 🎮

Stick Shootout...

Is a New Action Shooter Game Project by RednapGames! The game has Great Graphics & Visual Effects, is in 3D, has Quick Movements with Realistic Sound Effects... and of course Lots of Bullets and Chaos! The Future for this game will have more Enemies, Maps, Customisation, and Destruction with both Arena Mode and Story Mode. Currently, the game is in a Very Early Testing Stage 2.0, things will be Added & Changed for the Better! 🤖



Stick Shootout is inspired by an old Stick Figure Flash Game that I hold very close to my heart, the name of that game is Stick Arena Ballistic. I want Stick Shootout to somewhat feel like the Original Flash Game meanwhile still being its Own Thing.


What's New in 2.0...

*New Death Animation & Blood Logic!

*Bots Reworked, more intelligent, and more unpredictable!

*Bots can now use all weapons! The Bots start with a random weapon!

*Weapon balance and shotgun now have projectile damage!

*Two Bots instead of one! *Bugfixes & More!

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The Player and Bots have the same amount of HP and deal the same Damage.

Punching deals 10 Dmg first and 13 Dmg Second hit.

Baseball bat deals 30 Dmg and has more Range than Punching.

AK deals 8 Dmg per bullet.

9mm deals 12 Dmg but does fire a lot Slower than AK.

Shotgun fires 3 Projectiles that do have Limited Range and will spread out the longer they travel. Projectile damage is 19 Dmg, 16 Dmg, and 15 Dmg, this means that two shots all connected will Kill Instantly!

Story mode might have X2 Damage for Enemies!


Early Public Test Version 2.0...

Try out the Movement, Controls & Shooting Action! This version is to get a little feeling of how the game will be running. Try it out and say what you think can be better & what is good, this is an Early Test Version after all! I will listen to every comment and am ready for Criticism & Feedback!


Boom Headshot! 😈


This game project by Sharing with your budds or online, would be really glad if you did and helps me out more than you think.

Tell me what I can improve in my games:


Check out my videos on youtube:


Support me on Patreon:

Patreon.com ❤️

My Official Website:

www.rednapgames.com (Offline)

Stick Shootout Live on IndieDB!

Stick Shootout Live on IndieDB!


A New Stick Figure Action Shooter Game Project By RednapGames added on IndieDB... Hell Yeah!

Multiple Weapons & Attack Weapons Tutorial!

Multiple Weapons & Attack Weapons Tutorial!

Client Side Coding Tutorial

In this video I show you guys how I make the Shotgun for my most recent game project Stick Shootout!

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Stick Shootout Early Testing 2.0

Stick Shootout Early Testing 2.0


The same as the previous version except with more weapons, enemies, and just better! :)

Stick Shootout Early Testing

Stick Shootout Early Testing


This is a Very Early Public Test Version for people to try out and give Critisism & Feedback. Arena Mode Vs AI, get your AK LOADED!

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