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Station 21 is a space builder, survival adventure game where you start with the bare bones of a space station and worth your way up to making a station of immense proportion.

You start with a four way core module from which you can expand by taking on missions to get your station up and running and earning your company money to expand further.

In Station 21 you earn money buy investing in laboratory modules where you can choose which experiments you would like to run and training your crew in order to keep them progressing. The more advanced the experiment becomes the more money you will earn. But there is a catch, you only get paid once the information has either been transmitted from a relay module or been sent down on a shuttle, your choice each having the risk of data loss.

Once you start earning money, you can start building and resupplying your hard working crew with leisure modules, food, drinks and of course new tech to play with.

The building in Station 21 is amazing in scale, you can build your station to have well over 1,000 modules if you wish it, possibilities are endless.

The main features that will be in the game I thought would be best to spell out in easy reading form so here we go:

  • Huge building area
  • Over 20 different modules (plus later updates)
  • Natural disasters (small objects collisions, fires etc.)
  • Life support management
  • Food management
  • Research Tree
  • Missions
  • Loans
  • Power management
  • Events
  • and more as development progresses.

This project is great for me because I love everything about space and dedicate a lot of time to playing, reading or making stuff about space.

I've always wanted to create a game such as this and now the day has come where I have something at least worthy of showing and developing along side fellow fans.

This game will be a continuous development, once game is released after beta it will still have regular updates until I think the game is at a stable point where I can say "It's done" but even then I will still focus on making this game the best possible I can. I would be a dream come true if this game takes off somewhat, no pun intended.

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Hello all from now on when we have a major update we will post our planned features on here so you can know what to expect from the updates and keep you all in the loop.

So with v0.0.2.0 comes a whole load of new features, heres a run down of what we have planned.

  • Resupplying missions, this is the ability to stock up your storage modules by ordering resources, we will have a new menu that looks like an invoice/order screen.
  • Career mode unlocked, this will be the basic starting of career mode.
  • Career mode tutorial system, when starting a new career you will go through a linear set of actions to get all the important things you need to know about the game, this will be able to be disabled.
  • Printing modules, these will be able to build mining drones that can be sent out to distant rocks to try and gather data and resources. There is a chance they will fail each time and also time it takes and rewards will be random.
  • Crew, hopefully we will have crew working as we want it to be but this is a lot of work so may be delayed till next major.

So there you go it's a lot to get through so we are sorry for the lack of info lately.

But thank you all for following us.

R-Tecc Games Team


Get the Alpha today!

Get the Alpha today!


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Campaign Mode


A quick rundown of what to expect of the next few weeks.

Station 21 News - 17th October 2016

Station 21 News - 17th October 2016


The latest news about the Kickstarter and what happens now.

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Station 51 Patch

Station 51 Patch

Patch 2 comments

Vistit malortie at menbers/malortie and mmmaster because these tow helped me whit my patchs.

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