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gameplay 00

This is one more clone of Space Invaders. Maximum simple. Black and white.
You play as cosmonaut, and you are from space forces. He can shoot from blaster. Near you, there is a group of sputniks. From one hand, you defend them, from another hand, you can use them as shields against intruders atacks.
And you are under atack by insectoids. Bugs from space. They are atacking by lines, and slowly move towards you.

When they reach last line, then you loose. Also enemies can shoot in you. You have 3 lives. Part of atacks are going into sputniks. Each sputnik has 10 lives.

gameplay 03

So, you need to go through 10 levels. Also there are options, sound, music,language select, and to play in fullscreen or in window. There is a record table.

Game is made in simple black and white style. So it is reference to retro computers. And videogame has a simple gameplay.

Cosmonaut is a player, and can move left or right. No pause in gameplay. You need to destroy all bugs, while they dont reach you. Destroy enemies waves, in order to move through levels.

SPACE - action button, fire
ARROWS LEFT/RIGHT - player move
ARROWS UP/DOWN - navigate through menu
ESC - escape in previous menu
Warning! Escape (ESC) button in gameplay throw you back in main menu!

Important point

So, videogame is written in C++, that’s why you need Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package for Visual Studio 2015, 2017 and 2019, that can be downloaded from Microsoft website: Support.microsoft.com

From some point of interest there is "so-called" box.

Here is a videogame box. Cartridge and a box.
All these done as an example. Like a fantasy.
This is very retro videogame from somekind of USSR, from 70s,80s.
Dawn of computer age. And it has laconic decoration. It is for mass production.

It is as intriguing, as a simple.

As usual, it is well done. Done as good as steel. USSR - made from steel.

So imagine, heavy, rigid cardboard,and thick light plastic on cartridge. You can see a sputnik. Sputnik - is a symbol of age. Space race, science news.

Videogame is someway copy of Space Invaders. But it is artistic version of it. It is similiar in someway, but with also a different many points in gameplay.

Cartridge Eng


Box Front Eng

front box

Games page on authors site: Dimalink.tv-games.ru

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Signals from aliens


Introduction to spaceboys!

Hello,spaceboy! This is some art, in order to show some interest in my true retro aprcade - Stars Intuder. Game itself is very retro, possible, in style of first arcades ever. That even before Space Invaders. Game is black and white, and simple. So game makes you go back in time. In 70s. Or 80s. And it was a space explore era. So aliens and space was a big theme in old days. And it is very cool to create some space art. It is in a form of strange ornament. You know, all this aliens. They are from space, they are strange. And nobody knows what they wants. And add to this, that they are space bugs!!!! So, it is strange ornament!

Signals from aliens

Here is the message from aliens. Strange graphics and symbols.
This images are sent on all monitors in the country. But nobody can understand its meaning.
Is it warrning, threat or say hello message? So it is an alien signal, so nobody can understand its purpose.
Is it like a Voyagers gold disk? Very little it is.
Possible that aliens see the Voyagers message and create similiar one?





Yes, so many stream of images. They are all changes fast.
So one more image. But what does it means?
One thing is to read sci fi books, and another thing is to search meaning of alienes message.
By the way, it looks like a posters.
So, print it and put them on the wall. In order to watch it everyday.
Who knows, maybe something will come to your head.


Is it easy to be a spaceboy? Check it in a simple Space Invaders clone -Stars Intruder!!!! It is a monochrome game. In black and white colors only. This is true retro!!!

Stars Intruder - Arcade cabinet and joystics art

Stars Intruder - Arcade cabinet and joystics art


This is some art. Artofarcade cabinet and joystics. There is no real arcade or joysticks. ONly videogames exist for Windows 10. But this imageas are some...

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This is one more clone of Space Invaders. Maximum simple. Black and white.

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