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The Stairfax team discovers that the Lye System is once again in danger. Andy Ross hadn't been completely killed in the Lye Wars, as the Cornians may have thought.

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Hello folks! I am happy to announce that the title screen has a song. It's a 10 measure, 92 BPM song with synth strings playing chords. The first two measures are in C, then the last eight in D. In my opinion, it's mediocre, and I'll probably improve it later - but here it is for now. title.mp3

I was also working on some code earlier today. So far, I've added two rooms into the game. They're both in the same region (in SFT, a region is a congregation of rooms) - the Great Fax. The first room (the one you start in) is the pilot/control room. The next one is a passageway with items on the walls that can be collected (this feature is only being planned; I haven't put it in yet). So far, so good.

I'll keep you guys posted with regular updates. ~morkimer

Stairfax Development begins!

Stairfax Development begins!


Stairfax Temperatures is now in development and is on track to be a good game.

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