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A murder mystery text simulation / visual novel hybrid

After downloading a suspicious messaging app, you are connected to a mysterious girl from an alternate universe in 2027. Together, you explore Vistine Academy, a prestigious all-girls boarding school famous for its advanced AR technology. Life here seems incredible at first glance, perfect even. With just one small catch...

Never break the 10 rules of Vistine Academy.

Key Features

  • Play as yourself: They don’t know who you are, but one thing is for certain. You are at the center of this mystery.
  • Rules are made to be broken: Discover the truth behind the 10 rules, investigate the series of unfortunate happenings, or just sit back and do nothing as the students suffer, not judging.
  • Words have consequences: What you say will change your relationship with the characters, and possibly even determine their ultimate fates.
  • Secrets and mysteries: Collect photos and audio logs while you get to know the girls of Vistine Academy. With enough trust, they will let you in on their little secrets. Sometimes, the secrets will find you instead.
  • Multiple endings: Can you expose the true mastermind behind the gruesome events? How many will perish because of your choices?

Remember, be careful of who you trust.

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SL TwitterHeader

Thank you for the wait, chapter 3 is now available!

Originally I wanted to include chapter 4 in this update as well, but unfortunately it still requires a lot of work. And so, there will be another free update coming end of January!

Chapter 3 features:

  • The story continues with Amber trying to unpack the revelation from end of chapter 2.
  • You finally find out what happened 6 years ago.
  • 2 new characters will make their appearance.
  • You will make Amber listen in on things she shouldn’t

Game changes:

  • Several bug fixes.
  • Changed Daniella’s character design, specifically her colour palette.
  • The 10 mysteries are now referred to as the 10 rules.
  • The campus tour in chapter 2 can now be skipped, or you can choose to finish early at the end of each section.

I hope you enjoy this update. Also apologies to my Newsletter subscribers, the free wallpaper of December is late as is this update. You should be receiving it any moment now.

Next major update

Chapter 4 will be a free update, scheduled for the end of January. It will also be available on Steam.

Keep Updated

Remember to subscribe to the Speak Lies newsletter for the ⭐free monthly mobile/desktop wallpapers!⭐ Oh and, for updates on development of course.

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Speak Lies Demo1.1.0 Windows

Speak Lies Demo1.1.0 Windows


Demo for Speak Lies, a mystery adventure game. Contains the first 3 chapters around 3-4hrs of playtime.

Speak Lies Demo1.1.0 Mac

Speak Lies Demo1.1.0 Mac


Demo for Speak Lies, a mystery adventure game. Contains the first 3 chapters around 3-4hrs of playtime.

Speak Lies Demo1.1.0 Windows32

Speak Lies Demo1.1.0 Windows32


Demo for Speak Lies, a mystery adventure game. Contains the first 3 chapters around 3-4hrs of playtime.

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