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The game you are trying to view has ceased development and consequently been archived. If you are a member of this game, can demonstrate that it is being actively developed and will be able to keep this profile up to date with the latest news, images, videos and downloads, please contact us with all details and we will consider its re-activation.

Spaceships : the Survival of Humanity takes place in the year 2300. we Wars ravaged our world as we knew it in 2014. Since then there have been lot of technological advances and gradually we discovered other planets through spaceships. But a new threat has arrived ... You, as a commander, you must pass your mission .. PROTECT THE EARTH.

Spaceships: War of thunder wants to be different from other current games. The Rogues Like existed for a very long time, but pair it with that of managing a spaceship (oxygen, fuel, food etc ...), in a universe among the stars, I know that "Faster than light" that I respect a lot and I love this game for the difficulty and the pleasure it provides.

I want through this game to have some much more pronounced on ship management and the consequences it brings bad if you manage your oxygen or food, that in the famous game "Faster than Light"
Examples :

  • If your oxygen drops to 0 not looking, you lost !
  • Sure, you have to be very careful to 3 points during your adventure !
  • Your food, oxygen and your health. if one of the three falls to 0 you lost and you are teleported in your base thanks to the technology.

Teleported ?
Why can not die?
Well no! Each ship has a teleportation emergency system in case of problems in the depths of space. You can not "die" but the part will be lost. By against, everything points commandment you have acquired during your adventure will be counted and will combine with EVERY parties.
All command points used to unlock new spacecraft.

Then I invite you to see the image I posted on how it moves in the game. As you may have seen on the photo, you can interact directly with the setting in which your ship is on hold. You have to find the key points on the map and choose where to go.

Finally, as for the explanation of the game, talking about fights!I did not want this to take too big in the game, and I want to keep your ship management side rather than doing battle with each new map. This is why there will be battles but with a management advantage that side of war.

Let me explain :

- During the phases of battles you'll have a mini managing your weapons will be to choose when utilier the laser or missile to hit the enemy. (Basic)But do not think you have 50 different weapons. Weapons can not be changed but simply improved. It will cost you money to upgrade weapons (but if you want to advance in the game you will have to make choices in allocating your money)

- In addition to improving your weapons, you will also need to improve:

  1. In addition to improving your weapons, you will also need to improve:
  2. Your oxygen (greater capacity of oxygen in the spaceship)
  3. Your shield (to better absorb the damage).
  4. Your fuel capacity (if you want to explore all the space)
  5. Your energy (very important as it will allow resources to replenish the shield if the enemy destroyed and also the energy used to change the "sector").

All this is expensive and the money is not common in the game. So you are free to manage between contingencies, your food, oxygen and enemy ship that can you attack.

For the moment the game has no ALPHA version, I think by the end of January, a Pre-Alpha version may emerge.Meanwhile I thanked you for your support, and I will come regularly add news for the game !

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News this week (14/01/20215)


Hello everyone! Today we will talk about the additions and changes brought in this update.

To start here is a picture of a fight or I added arming the enemy.

Updated interface + Shield

You see at the top right (under the shields enemies) I add arming enemy. This will tell you the number of damage you'll receive if you get hit. Each fight will be different because the values are randomly generated each fight.

Which brings us to the second image.

Updated interface + Shield

You can see the bottom left (our shield) which has the value "-1"I explain to you.

"Our basic shield is
" = 1 ". The enemy at a laser power of" 3 "
When the laser affects our shield he takes "3 -1" our shield. ("-1" Is the energy absorbed by all the shields) This gives an attack that takes away "2" shields points.

So the final calculation is
"1 (shield) - 2 (laser etched) = -1"

The shield reactivated if you have minimum 1 shield. (It automatically recharge over time or you can re-enable it manually but it will cost you extra energy.)
This means that if the enemy at a laser power of "1". It will not pass through the shields because:

"1 (laser power) - 1 (Shield Absorption) = 0"

And so the final calculation:
"1 (Your shields) - 0 = 0"

The calculation is not very complex, you quickly understand once in.Regarding missiles, shield will not absorb damage.So in this case the image:

"1 (your shields) - 1 (missile power) = 0So you lose 1 point shield.
The shield only absorbs damage from lasers.

We will now move quickly to changes on the interface of random events and awards at the end of combat.

Updated interface + Shield

Introducing the new interface of random events.

Updated interface + Shield

Introducing the new interface, the end of combat awards.

As you can see there is not much difference between the two interfaces.

I also created other maps that are operational in the game.

Here is the end of this update. I hope you enjoy the content, I remain at your disposal for any questions!Soon for a new update.

First Trailer SSH

First Trailer SSH


First trailer S.S.H (Combat, movement system, shop, etc ...)

News this week

News this week


Come see the small News this week. The new store and UI combat enemy ship.

New UI, new ship of skin for game

New UI, new ship of skin for game


New UI, New Skin for basic spaceship. Come post your comments !

Random Events on each map

Random Events on each map


You will have random events on each map in the game. This offers a pretty impressive ability to replay the game.

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