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Space War is a free 2d Space Shooting game, You control your own ship and you have to fight alien space ships and much more, Currently in Alpha Space War can be played in your browser. Story: First Mars now Earth, You and your fleet are earth's last defence destroy everything in your path if you don't earth will suffer. Space War is free while it is in Alpha but when it get's to beta you will have to pay to play more info on our site.

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Copied from the IK Software Site.

I have been remaking Space wars this weekend and I have got a brand new version of Space Wars uploaded to the site.I have also changed all the graphics except the explosions to better quality graphics.

.=New Features=

  • Replaced a new character ship.
  • Replaced the bad guy ship.
  • Added new life/score system
  • Added a new health skin
  • Added new respawn system
  • added press R to reload the game or F5 if it Gets to laggy.
  • Changed font of score/lifes

=Found Bugs=

  • Game sometimes get's laggy at a certain point.
  • Spelling mistake Lives: **Lifes:**

To goto the game

Click Here: Sw.ik-soft.co.uk

Dayle Smith CEO/Graphics Desginer/Game Designer

The game is only in Alpha stage and can still be played for free, as soon as the game get's to beta mode everyone will have to have an IK Software Online Silver or Gold Account to play the game.

In the next update we are hoping to add new levels and much more, we are still waiting for an update from Dayle, who is currently devloping Space Wars as soon as we get an update we will post it.

Keep up with IK Software News at Ik-soft.co.uk


Space Wars Update!

Space Wars Update!


Space Wars will have new ships, new bad guys and more.

Version Pre-Release has been Released.

Version Pre-Release has been Released.


Version Pre-Release has been released and includes new features like asteroids hitting you, your ship is faster and much more read the full...

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