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Space Toads Mayhem is an arcade-style, topdown shooter paying homage to classics from the 1980s - some say it tastes like arcade-flavoured ice cream with laser blast sprinkles :) It's a challenging, reflex-based game, rewarding a player who enjoys fast-paced action and can utilise enemy behaviour to his / her advantage.

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Check out my interview with Cody here:



Have an epic Monday everyone! :)

HalogenGames - - 33 comments

Hi there!

This is looking like a great classic top down shooter! I love the look of the crazy power ups, they often really help to bring this genre of game into it's own!

Your sprites look really good, they have such a unique style for this type of game, good work! This shows a lot of promise I hope it goes well for you!

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spacetoadsmayhem Creator
spacetoadsmayhem - - 2 comments

Thanks HalogenGames,

It is indeed a very retro-inspired shooter. Currently I'm focusing on the hardcore / survival mode, which starts pretty difficult and gets even harder. Each enemy has a few "emotional states" and their behaviour causes the titular mayhem - so it's a very twitch / skill-based gameplay where you need to stay on your toes throughout as it's impossible to learn the game by heart.

And the crazy power-ups certainly sweeten the punishment big time - chance for a good drop diminishes progressively so on high difficulty the player needs to chose whether to gamble or simply rely on his / her skills.

This hardcore mode is derived directly from the arcade games of the golden area, which were designed to eat your coins very quickly - so it takes persistence, and careful honing of skills before you can reach the kill screen sequence (and get the top hi score). There are of course a number of gameplay-style and performance related achievements being cooked into the game.

And I'm also planning to have a mode much more friendly for a casual player who is just looking to kill some time in a fun way :)

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HalogenGames - - 33 comments

Oh wow those emotional states seem like they'd be difficult to get right but definitely worth the payoff! It would be a great unique experience and yeah sounds super cool!

Oh cool, that will definitely make sure the player needs to choose how they use them wisely, unlike me who would probably use them all immediately!

That's going to be great, to really capture the frustration at yourself for failing at critical moments and just constantly trying to outdo yourself, top stuff!

A casual mode is always a good feature for people who don't always want to be under that stress, or for general shooting practice.

Sounds like you've got big plans for this and I think it should work well! You've got a great base idea and sounds like you're striving to make it as open to audiences as possible while staying true to your idea.

I really look forward to seeing how this progresses!

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spacetoadsmayhem Creator
spacetoadsmayhem - - 2 comments

Thanks HalogenGames,

And sorry for late reply - been quite busy getting the demo for Insomnia sorted:



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