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Spaaaaace! is a real-time strategy (RTS) 4X ("eXplore, eXpand, eXploit and Exterminate") video game in which you take in hand the destiny of a civilization to make escape from a solar system on the edge from extinction.

You will need both to fight against other civilizations for control of resources to your project throughout the solar system; and protect your species of all natural disasters caused by the slow transformation of your star in supernova: asteroid rain and solar flares of scale are just some of the challenges that your civilization will have to face to survive.

Spaaaaace! is a video game developed under the Unity engine, soon available on Windows and Linux. Spaaaaace! Is playable solo against the computer, or multiplayer against 2 other players maximum, on local network or via internet.


Build your bases, exploit resources

Like any strategy game in real time, buildings are key to your success. resource extraction, production units, defensive turrets ... Over 60 buildings and developments are available.

But space is limited! The resources are also ... You will have to make strategic choices and conquer new lands!

Explore space, colonize new planets

In Spaaaaace !, the solar system is your playground You start the game with a handful of people on a planet suitable for life but with limited resources. and sooner or later will have to take your flight to richer lands, but also less hospitable ...

Arid planets, frozen, volcanic ... The higher the risk, the higher the reward is too.

To overcome the technological challenges of the space race, you have to cross civilizational bearings, "eras".

Defend yourself from the environment

A Spaaaaace! game lasts up to an hour. After this period, only the one who has conquered and protected the last planet of the system will win. The player who exterminates all his rivals before the time limit wins.

In Spaaaaace !, the solar system itself is your worst enemy. The star center takes volume, engulfing all the planets in its path, reducing the playground. Asteroids unhook the belt, attracted by the growing mass of the star, and come fall on the planets.

Events occur gradually as time passes in the game and the playing field becomes more and more hostile. you want an Apocalypse the clock informed of the remaining time and warns you of the dangers that will arise.

Gatling turret, useful to defend against fast targets, global shield capable at full load to an asteroid ricochet, a range of buildings will allow your people to protect the environment as well as your rivals.

Exterminate rivals

Your people need you to escape the Apocalypse, but the other civilizations in the solar system also have the same goal! Unfortunately the resources to escape are available only on the last planet of the solar system ... What you're going to fight to win and retain!

All offensive and defensive arsenal, space buildings and vessels are available for plotting your strategy to eliminate or delay your rivals.


Procedurally generated environment

In Spaaaaace !, only the order of the planets, starting your buildings and resources are determined. The position of the planets, their decoration, their name, orbit ... everything is randomly generated for each game. Even the stars and galaxies in the background! In Spaaaaace !, no part is the same. As much strategically and visually.

Original gameplay, nervous and strategic

Pressed for time, oppressed by the enemy. You will have only little respite in Spaaaaace! ; space and resources are limited, you will have to make quick decisions.

The 2D profile representation offers a new interesting and original perspective in the world of real time strategy games.

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