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A loving tribute to the revolutionary horror game "Slender: The Eight Pages". Classic gameplay in an all new environment with enhanced graphics and audio; "Slender: Revival" is a throwback to the days of simple, pure horror. Note: This game is currently in early development and no release date has been set. Upon release, the game will be completely free of charge.

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Within the next few days, a development build should be ready for release. Of course, it will contain more bugs than a rotting corpse; but that's okay. The release will simply be a chance for interested parties to explore the environment we have created, and get a feel for the basic mechanics of the game. It'll also be an opportunity for us to discover plenty more exploits and bugs that we had no idea existed!

While staying true to the original game (Slender: The Eight Pages), I think it's important that we explore other features in this project. Nothing major, of course; as the entire goal is to create a modern, improved version of the original idea. The additions would be subtle, mostly in areas such as audio and visuals, but with some tweaks to movement and the flashlight, which was very basic in the original.

Anyway, I just wanted to drop a short post filling everyone in on the progress so far. The game has only been in development for 3 days, and what we have achieved so far has well exceeded where we hoped to be at this point. Stay tuned for more updates, and show us some love by dropping some support!

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The Bridge (Desktop Background

The Bridge (Desktop Background


An in-game screenshot of the bridge, ideal for a creepy desktop background.


Any builds soon?

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Elysium_ Creator

Quick notice: This game is not intended to rival any existing Slender games. It is simply a college project that I have decided to share with the wonderful gamers of IndieDB in tribute to the game that changed the direction of the entire horror genre. Progress will be posted when I can find the time to do so, which will hopefully be pretty often.

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