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There's an old debate on whether or not Doom is just a fancy ray caster game, that it's simply a beefed up version of the Wolfenstein 3D engine. True, however, this is what Doom may have looked like if it was built using only the original Wolfenstein 3D engine, in this case the Raycasting Game Maker engine has been used.

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S-Doom General Help


Latest Release (April 2019 Build)

S-DOOM (Raycaster Doom) v1.01



All graphical and sound effect content belongs to ID Software. Midi Music tracks owned by ID Software, Rogue Entertainment and 3D Realms.

All textures, sprites and sound effects obtained from:


Midi Music obtained directly from source games, including:

Doom/Doom II



Game Engine is Raycasting Game Maker, curated by the RGM Team on IndieDB & ModDB. There are many custom titles designed for this engine as you probably know-- seeing as you are aware of this title and have downloaded it.


About DDrawCompat:

S-DOOM is optionally using DDrawCompat for Direct Draw Compatability but can run without it if you experience issues that may be caused by it. Created by narzoul, see the github repo for more info:


About the Game Author:

Not much to tell, you can check out my IndieDB profile and YouTube channels here if you would like to see more of my work:



Installation and Running the game:

1. Unzip the downloaded zip file in to the directory of your choice

2a. Run FullScreen.bat for FullScreen game mode

2b. Run Windowed.bat for Resizable Window mode

2c. Run cheat_w.bat for GodMode in windowed mode

2d. Run cheat_fs.bat for GodMode in FullScreen Mode

Running Game Modes Directly (no .BAT shortcut):

If you would prefer to delete the batch files and run the game modes directly from the folders you can.

To use GodMode execute FullScreen or Windowed mode with the cmd line attribute:



windowed.exe iddqdd

Game Controls:

Forward: Up Arrow

Backward: Down Arrow

Strafe Left: Left Arrow

Strafe Right: Right Arrow

Turn Left: Comma

Turn Right: Period

Look Up: Home

Look Down: End

Shoot: Left Mouse Button

Open/Activate: Spacebar
Mouse X/Y: Look/Aim

Esc: Pause/Leave Menu

Enter: Menu Selection


1. Display Issues:

Delete ddraw.dll from the game directory and try again.

2. Resizing Window:

Sometimes when you Alt+Tab in and out of the game window and then try to resize the window--the window shrinks down to the minimal possible size. Restart the game if this happens.

3. Glitches:

Sometiems moving the game window around on the desktop causes the menu screen to freeze overthe actual gameplay window. Alt-F4 if necessary.

Occasionally some of the doors won't open and you can hear the door open and close sound echorepeatedely during game play when this happens. Restart the game.

Slow to quit or screen stays black for a few seconds on start or quit: Delete ddraw.dll from the game directory.

Cheat Modes:

To run the game in GodMode, execute the appropriate batch file as mentioned in the first sectionof this document. In GodMode, you will be invincible, have unlimited ammo on all guns and alwayshave the exit key.

Editing the .PAK using Raycasting Game Maker:

If you would like to build levels/paks for this game, the pak editing password is:


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S-DOOM v1.01

S-DOOM v1.01

Full Version

7-Level Episode, 5 Enemies, 6 Guns. RGM Standard fare. Doom Flavoured. Enjoy!

DevBuild (March 2019)

DevBuild (March 2019)


This was the last test build before v1.01 was finished.

DevBuild (May 2017)

DevBuild (May 2017)


This was the second test build made after setting up the weapons and making a basic level.

DevBuild (January 2017)

DevBuild (January 2017)


The first test build of the project made after importing the basic sprites and textures into the RGM editor.

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